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Makes every merchant in the game have a base 20,000 barter gold, which refreshes each time you initiate trade.

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Infinite Gold For Merchants
By Dave Kurtz


So the TL;DR version is I screwed up. A few years back I posted that anyone could use this mod as they see fit, as I had no desire to work on it any more. However, due to the fact that my mod is heavily based on the work of someone else, namely, TheThirdRace, I realize now that this granting of permissions on my part was done in error. I hereby effective immediately revoke permission to use this mod, in whole or in part, for any reason. Apologies for any confusion or hardship this may cause. I'm leaving this original mod public for the time being.


Anyone who's played Skyrim will tell you what a pain "merchant hopping" can be. You've just spent a considerable amount of time grinding a crafting skill or delving through a dungeon, and your inventory is chock full of goodies to sell. So you pop back to town in search of a merchant, only to find they have a measly 500 gold on them. So you sell one of your 9,001 hide helmets and go off in search of another merchant. And then another merchant. And then another one. Soon you find yourself running to other towns, all over the world, desperately looking for someone with enough gold to buy your stuff.

This mod aims to change all that. With Infinite Gold For Merchants you'll never need to go merchant hopping again!

What This Mod Does

This mod adds 20,000 gold directly on to any merchant that utilizes the standard barter dialogues just before the barter window opens, and then removes the bonus gold as soon as the window closes (this is to both A. prevent the merchant from having the added gold on them if you kill them, and B. prevent the added gold from stacking with itself).

The end result is that every merchant in the game will have a base 20,000 barter gold, which refreshes each time you close and re-open the barter window.

What This Mod Doesn't

Infinite Gold For Merchants doesn't alter a merchant's leveled "vendor gold," only the gold on their person (and even then, only temporarily). It also doesn't affect the Master Trader perk or Investing. Furthermore, it does not affect the merchant's natural refresh rate.

What this means is that merchants' gold isn't capped at 20k, nor is it reset to 20k if merchants are already over that amount. Why is this important? Because of a bug than can occur when merchants have too much gold:


According to the UESPWiki, the maximum amount of gold a merchant can safely have at any one time is 32,767. Any higher, and you run the risk of encountering the "Merchant Bug" where they'll take your sold items but won't give you any gold for them. BE CAREFUL WHEN BUYING LOTS OF ITEMS FROM MERCHANTS WHILE USING THIS MOD!!

If you start having issues with this, try disabling the mod. That should drop the bugged merchant's gold back down to a safe amount.

I've also uploaded a "10k edition" that only adds 10,000 gold to merchants, as opposed to the original 20,000. Use that one if you feel that 20k cuts it a little too close to the 32,767 limit for your liking. (NOTE: Do NOT use both versions at the same time! Pick one or the other.)

Requirements, Load Order, and Compatibility Issues

This mod requires the latest version of Skyrim.

Versions 2.1.0 and up are now compatible with Vendor Sale Delay - GONE as long as you place IGFM AFTER Vendor Sale Delay - Gone in your load order.

It should be compatible with any mod that doesn't modify the Barter Dialogue branch.

Compatible with mods that add custom merchants, as long as they use the standard dialogue to barter with you (if they use custom dialogue, this mod will not work on them). Note that you may have to place IGFM AFTER those mods in the load order.

- Master Trader - Merchants Never Run Out Of Gold

- Dragonborn DLC: merchants that have been enthralled by Miraak to build pillars in Solstheim will not benefit from this mod. No plans to fix this as it would require rewriting portions of the Dragonborn DLC main questline. The ones that AREN'T enthralled work just fine.

If you find any other incompatibilities or issues, let me know via a post or a pm!


If you're using version 1.0.0 you'll have to do a full uninstall first before using 2.0.0 and up. Either uninstall using NMM (recommended) or do the following:

1.) Remove Infinite Gold For Merchants.esp from your Skyrim/Data directory.

2.) Go into your Skyirm/Data/Scripts directory and remove all the .pex files that correspond to the ones found in the mod's packaged scripts folder (there are 33 of them, all beginning with "tif__").

To install version 2.0.0 and up, either use NMM (recommended) or do the following:

1.) Extract the .ESP, .BSA, and .BSL files each named Infinite Gold For Merchants and place them in your Skyrim/Data directory.

To uninstall version 2.0.0 and up, again either use NMM (recommended) or do the following:

1.) Remove the .ESP, .BSA, and .BSL files each named Infinite Gold For Merchants from your Skyrim/Data directory.


TheThirdRace - for graciously granting permission for me to upload this. His Master Trader mod formed the backbone for my mod. Go check it out if you want something less "cheat-like" than mine (and be sure to endorse his mod as well if you choose to endorse mine - without his, my mod wouldn't exist).