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The Problem:
Ever tried playing an honest character in Skyrim? One who not only doesn't steal, but doesn't loot dead bodies, doesn't even take things that don't belong to him/her. Ever try working at a lumber mill or Inn chopping wood and then realize that you're going to have to steal an axe to do some honest work? Maybe you decided to try your hand at mining, but you'd have to take another miners pickaxe or save up 5000g and buy a pickaxe with a bonus house to go with it.

The solution:
I simply added Wood Cutters Axe and Pickaxe to each general good store.

Q: If it's so easy to make why are you bothering to post it?
A: A lot of people are scared of making their own mods, I was for a long time and this is my first mod. Basically I want people like me to have access to things like this.
Plus, it's a little time consuming to make, no point reinventing the wheel.