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Made by Master Bowyer Karagorm of Valenwood and given to his assistant Angorn as he lay on his deathbed. Created to be the king of bows with matching arrows.

Lost for 500 years when Angorn fell off a ledge as he was about to open a chest in Shadowgreen cavern while backing up and firing upon an approaching spriggan.

Now you Dovahkiin have found Angorn and recieved the bow ArrowSong. Master Bowyer Karagorm, who despised all evil has blessed the bow to give the owner the ability to craft copies and more arrows upon being given the bow. By reading Angorn's note you receive that blessing.


-Includes the named bow Arrowsong, craftable versions of the bow for followers, normal type arrows, flame exploding arrows, Frost arrows, and shock arrows.
-Bows are 1 point more damage than Dragonbone from Dawnguard.
-Arrows are 1 point more damage than Deadric.
-Arrowsong and the arrows can be found in Shadowgreen cavern on a ledge below a chest and above the pond near the cave entrance.
-Fully enchantable and upgradeable.
-Exploding arrows and note is found on Angorn's skeleton. Loot him.
-To be able to craft more arrows and bows for your followers you must read the note found on Angorn's Skeleton.
-Once the note is read you can craft more at any forge. The note is not required when crafting but must be read once to be able to craft.
-Craftable in the Elven section of the crafting menu.
-Optional vanilla version without Dawnguard and explosive arrows. Use only 1 version.


-Skyrim 1.9+.
-Main file requires Dawnguard.
-Optional vanilla version does not require Dawnguard but also does not include explosive arrows.

Version and update info

Version 1:
Initial release.

Compatibility and conflicts

May conflict with anything that changes Shadowgreen Cavern and the Skeleton the note is found on.

Install and uninstall

To install unpack the archive into your Skyrim data folder. Enable RoyalElvenBow.esp in the launcher.
To uninstall open the console in the game by hitting ~ (the tilde key) and type "removeperk XX00A6AF" without quotes and XX is the load order number of the mod, save your game. Then delete RoyalElvenBow.esp and RoyalElvenBow.bsa.

NMM Support

Use the forums for NMM support. It does not belong in mod comments. If NMM cannot handle placing a .bsa and a .esp in the data folder and enabling it then there is nothing I can do about it and I do not want to know about it. If you have an issue installing and you say you used NMM my answer is "Install manually and delete NMM." There! I answered so please do not ask again.

Use permissions

-Under NO circumstances are my models to be hosted anywhere else without my permission.
-Translating is fine but must require downloading from here. Link to the comments here to the translation.
-Retexturing is fine and even encouraged as long as the meshes are downloaded from here. Link to the comments here to the retexture please.
- To use in another mod with the meshes downloaded with that mod requires my permission. If I do not answer the request because I did not see it the answer is no.

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Arrowsong ported over to Oblivion is available at Oblivion Arrowsong