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4k retexture of Harkons Sword.

Permissions and credits
This is a HD retexture of Harkons sword. Every texture is handpainted and completly redone.

size of the original Bethesda HD texture pack version: 2048x2048 512x512 2048x2048

my textures: 4096x4096
sword_m.dds4096x4096 4096x4096
Additionally I changed the cubemaps path from to

For 2k and 1k versions see under optionals section.
Of course it requires Dawnguard.

I added an optional scabbard version, based on hl84's work. It is under miscellaneous section. You don't need to install the main file, it is included.
Thanks to EmeraldShadow, who made a patch for Dual Sheath Redux! Don't forget to run the SkyProc Patcher after installing.

Extract the folders into the Steam/SteamApps/common/Skyrim/Data.

Delete the files,, in Data/textures/dlc01/weapons/vampire and also the mesh files 1stpersonsword.nif, sword.nif in Data/meshes/dlc01/weapons/vampire
If you installed the scabbard version, you need to delete also this files: 1stpersonsword.nif, sword.nif in Data/meshes/dlc01/weapons/vampire and,, in Data/textures/dlc01/weapons/vampire

Thanks to Kyerea and Kalilies who made awsome screenshots of the sword!
Harkons Sword

Thaks to seriezs who made a video about my mod: Skyrim Mods Review 32: The Chicken is your Boss now..

Thanks to hl84 for his Sheathe Harkons Sword mod.