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Эльза - Русский перевод от FreiEngel || Elsa - Traducción al español por Jokerine

A very basic, marriageable, essential follower I have been working on for a couple of days with the help of a good friend, obviously inspired by the movie Frozen! Elsa does not have a custom voice (she has the same one as Ysolda) and I am not planning on ripping audio from the movie for it. I don't even know how to make custom-voiced followers, in any case. And I am also not planning on making a quest for her, or releasing a follower based on Princess Anna, just so you know. Also, please note that the screenshots show her hair to be a bit greyer than the final version, and the little blue bits are smaller and lighter now. Short of bugfixes, this should be the final release of the mod.

If that didn't scare you off, Elsa will be happy to join you in her adventures! Simply talk to her to recruit her. As a follower, Elsa knows several frost spells; Conjure Frost Atronach, Wall of Frost, Frostbite, Frost Cloak, Stoneflesh and Ice Spike. She prefers clothing to armor, and has a very high resistance to frost. She also has some perks I figured were convenient: Light Foot, Deep Freeze, Augmented Frost and Mage Armor.

Elsa is completely standalone, which means you do not require any other mod for her to work. She wears a retextured, unplayable version of Urshi's Noble Wedding Dress, as it was the closest piece of apparel I could find to her gown in the movie. In her inventory you can find a special circlet and a cloak with custom enchantments, which you can decide whether she will equip or not. There are two versions of the cloak; the magical one that Elsa carries around, when equipped, has a special frost cloak effect, as you can see in the screenshots, because I think it looks cool. (heh get it?) If you don't like it, or if it lags your game, use the plain cloak you'll find next to her throne.

The file has been cleaned with TES5EDIT, does not require any DLC, and has no scripts, so it should be safe for everybody to use. Still, you should always make a backup save before installing ANY mod, in case something goes wrong.

Elsa lives in her castle - a rather bare building -, located westward from Windhelm, right across from Forsaken Cave. The location will show up on your map right away, but you'll need to visit before you can fast travel. Be aware that, if you attack Elsa enough times for her to become hostile, the guardian frost atronachs in her castle will attack you as well. For some reason Elsa will not attack you if you attack them, however - I guess she can always just make some more...

To install, extract the contents of your downloaded file to your "Steam/SteamApps/Common/Skyrim/Data" folder. Then activate the mod through your preferred launcher by ticking the checkbox next to the esp. Or you can use the Mod Manager to download the mod automatically. To uninstall, simply delete the files from your Data folder, and you're good to go.

In my game, there is a small gap around Elsa's neck, probably because I am using the vanilla body and Urshi's dress has a bit of a different shape. Both versions of her cloak are playable (unlike her dress), so you can make her equip one to cover up the gap; as they are meant for her only, if you equip one as a male, it may look weird. It uses slot 56, so if you're using a mod such as Wet and Cold, she may equip a fur cloak and her lace cloak at the same time. Alternatively, you could install this mod and give Elsa a fur collar to cover up the gap.

She is compatible with CBBE and UNP. Thanks, ff7legend and dermeseti!

As I made her with the vanilla Follower system, she should be compatible with any follower mod, such as the ever-popular Ultimate Follower Overhaul and Amazing Follower Tweaks.

Sometimes, if you pull out your weapon when she is following you, she may equip that stupid hunting bow all followers have. She still uses her frost magic when facing enemies, however, so I don't know what's with that. There are many mods out there that disable that bow, if this bothers you.

I'm not sure if Elsa really knows where to go when you dismiss her, so I would also recommend setting her castle as her house for sure with a mod such as this, if you don't have one already, to prevent her from getting lost in the wilderness.

March 12th, 2014 - first release.
March 13th, 2014 - added translations to Russian - by FreiEngel, thank you! - and Spanish.

- My pal Quark, for help with textures, makeup, and modeling Elsa's face. The mod would absolutely have flopped if it wasn't for him. Thanks, brah.
- Standalone Followers Tutorial by zzjay.
- Strotis Castle Wall Resource for Skyrim by Tamira and Stroti.
- Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67.
- Resources for Modders by Runspect.
- SG Female Textures Renewal by HelloSanta.
- Cloak Of Lace For Lady by aronchack and ARROW&KNEE MOD TEAM™.
- Environmental textures courtesy of CG Textures.
- The Moonrise hairstyle was made for the Sims by NewSea, and converted to Skyrim by HelloSanta, used with kind permission from both authors.
- Young Female Face Texture by Fuse00, who kindly did not kill me or my friend for editing the textures for the proper makeup!
- "The Winter's Spring" was written by English poet John Clare (1793 - 1864).
- Bethesda and Disney for making Skyrim and Frozen.
- Special thanks go to DreamBurrow, Danieldk, Ashara, Glosshouse Team, VectorPlexus, KURESE aka NPR, Naihaan Kragnaidael, Phygit, NifTools and Blender teams, Nightasy, Caelrya, Apachii, and everybody else who worked so hard in order to bring the beautiful Noble Wedding Dress to Skyrim. I am, needless to say, deeply thankful to Urshi, for allowing me to include it in this little mod.