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Added: 08/03/2014 - 08:16PM
Updated: 16/06/2017 - 04:27PM

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Last updated at 16:27, 16 Jun 2017 Uploaded at 20:16, 8 Mar 2014

02/13/2017-Atvir is available to download again, but user beware, at this time, I cannot offer support.
No portion of this mod can be used in for profit mods, if you see this mod behind a paywall, it is stolen.

Atvir Dres is not my creation! All credit goes to JanusForbeare. You need to download the original for this mod to work, find it here:

Atvir is arguably one of the best user-created, custom voiced, standalone male companions available. Unfortunately, the creator of Atvir is no longer updating Atvir. Many small issues have developed between Atvir's latest update (July 2012) and March 2014.

After fielding a few questions about the state of Atvir, I decided to take it upon myself to bring Atvir up to date. Here are my humble efforts. Hopefully this little update will help someone out. And who knows what the future may bring.

So, what's new?

Atvir's esp is now cleaned with tes5edit-no more "dirty" edits.
Atvir once again has facegen -a.k.a.- squashed the grey face bug!
Atvir now has a seq file, so he is no longer plagued by the dialogue bug.

I also switched his beard to one that fit his face better, so no more issues with balding chin if using EEO. Per my tastes, I created a second version with a knotted beard and ponytail-like the dark brotherhood loading screen.

Please Note: Atvir may refuse to equip new armors you give him. This can be solved by selecting him in the console, then type showinventory. You then can remove any items using removeitem xxxxx 1 command.

Lastly, if you enjoy Atvir Dres, please remember to endorse the original by JanusForbeare and even drop a comment saying so.

Incompatibilities: Nothing game breaking so far, Atvir is not handled like a default follower, so mods that affect the follower system will not recognize Atvir. He will work, just without the additional functionality.

Thanks To:

JanusForbeare for bringing such an amazing companion to life and everyone who helped and supported Janus along the way.