Draugr Audio Enhancement Mod by Dhegonus
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Added: 07/03/2014 - 09:54PM
Updated: 08/03/2014 - 01:34AM

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I am working on all the Draugr files now, so they won't sound out of place, stay tuned.

First off - Please do excuse my poor video, i don't have the best laptop in the world (intel hd chipset /cry)

Hello, welcome..

Today I am releasing a mod, as the title suggest "Draugr Audio Enhancement Mod" - Daem for short, or as I incorrectly say "damn".


I was always puzzled by the draugr, was unsure as to why, many mods have added different variants with different weapons, which is funky enough. But barely anyone had touched the audio (save the odd NSFW mods - not for everyone). So i decided to give it a shot myself. Now, bear in mind, this is not a super duper wtf overhaul, it's small, smexy and delectable. Basically what I have done thus far is alter the voice files and shout files of the Draugr to have a more sinister and menacing tone to them as I always thought the voice acting was done by a guy you probably smoked one too many cigarettes and didn't portray the sinister side of the undead you would come to expect.

So, i altered the files using the fan-tabulous Audacity, things I changed, but not exclusive to, are pitch, reverb, bass, treble and played about with a couple of other settings to give it a deeper and slightly more echo-y and darker feel to the original sound sets.


NMM friendly - just download and install using NMM or what ever mod managing piece of kit you prefer.

Manual - the files are set up as Data -> sound -> etc etc.. so just extract the data file into the main skyrim directory.

There are no .esp's this is a straight and simple override mod, hence why they are loose.


Use NMM or your favourite mod manager to remove the mod

Manual - navigate to: Data/sound/VoiceSkyrim.esm/crdraugrvoice <---- Delete the crdraugrvoice folder.


The only mods this mod will run into issues with is other Draugr voice editing mods, but if the other mods are in BSA format, this mod will just override them anyway. But other than that, you shouldn't have any issues with any other mod, because it simply does not touch nor interact with them.

If you like it, endorse it and i would love to hear your feedback in the comments section!