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Version 2.0 Now 100% Compatible with Simple Taxes!  

You must read the Deed letter for the "taxes" to be enabled, this add a "Houses Owned" to the Stats Menu

This mod provides a Deed Of Property for Elysium Estate

Can be purchased from Belethor's in Whiterun

Elysium Estate and the most current update of Skyrim (update.esm and ElysiumEstate.esp must be enabled) IS required!

Estate Agents the original mod adds generic Deeds of Property that you can purchase, to add a bit of immersion to those free house mods.

I am a huge fan of Mod Houses, Estates, Castles etc. but with most of these, you can not purchase.
I often play as poor peasant working their way to buying a nice property, and when I find that perfect house mod, most often there is no way of buying them just walk in the door and yours, and for me this feels a bit like cheating. So this way you can "buy" the abode.

The base price for the deed is 10,999 Gold Septims, but your price may vary depending on your level and speech perk level (or mod) the prices will reduce as you level up.

Example: A modded game with Requiem - Hard Times my level 7 character with 2 speech perks activated the price is 29,774 Gold Septims

*Tip - if prices are are too high for you try using spell books, rings, potions, amulets etc. that increase speech level just before you buy.

Permission graciously granted by thejadeshadow
to use references of Elysium Estate

*I will not be publishing this on Steam since Elysium Estate is not published there.