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This provides an alternative skin texture for the mod TK Children.

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I really like the mod TK Children, but find the skin just a little clean and smooth for my tastes.

This is just a single texture replacement that will give TK Children more detailed freckled skin. At the moment all children will have the same freckles, but I hope to change that eventually.

Eliminating Neck Seam:
I strongly recommend installing this mod alongside 'New Children' as I have been told that using TKChildren + New Children + My mod eliminates all neckseams. Also New Children has a better body mesh and nicer body skin, so what have you got to lose?

Let New Children overwrite TKChildren, and then Freckle Face Overwrite all.

There is also a version for vanilla children in optional files. Some people like it, others say it makes the children too tan. The texture is designed for use with TKChildren, but eventually I plan on doing a vanilla version.

No version for XVision is currently planned, but if that changes I'll let you all know.

- This works just fine with the TKChildren larger head fix.
- It will only conflict with other mods that replace childrens face textures.

TKTK for the wonderful TK Children mod
Ticknik for New Children's excellent body meshes and body texture
MadCat221 for Better Freckles

To Do:
- Make two more variant face skins for Children
- Provide alternative ESP's that use the different skins for TK Children
- Look up how to use BBCode if I'm going to continue uploading mods so my descriptions are better.

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