About this mod

Adds many commoner clothes, robes, and armor to Skyrim through the forge/tanning rack and merchant/loot leveled lists. There are close to 100 different outfits.

Permissions and credits
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This Mod adds many different common craftable clothes, robes, and armors. I use common in the sense it is used in morrowind: low stats, inexpensive. They have also been added to merchant/loot leveled lists. 

Dawnguard is required.

Many of the textures are 2k. I have released a version with 1024 textures. I realize the file size of this mod is huge. There are 54 (close to 100 in .98 with the alternate texture variants) outfits. All textures are compressed dxt1 or dtx5 and optimized.

If you'd like to get the by console commands, the names of the outfits, of which there are many variants, are
Common Clothes 01-42
Common Robes [Hooded] 01-22
Quilted Tunic, Quilted Surcoat 01-02, Quilted Tunic and Green Robes, Quilted Tunic and White Robes, Heavy Quilted Surcoat 01-02 
Traveller Robes [Black, Red, Tan, Brown]; [Hooded]

The names of the armors are
Robed Iron Armor x2, Boiled Leather Cuirass,Nordic Iron Plates, Leather Doublet x2, Mail Tunic, Mail and Surcoat, Mail and Jacket, Mail and Hide Armor, Oiled Mail and Hide Armor, Oiled Mail Hauberk, Oiled Mail and Jacket.

I tried to come up with better unique names for all the clothes such as The townsfolk twillweave Tartan etc, but I gave up and just numbered them so you don't have 42 different items all called common clothes.

Some comments about the optional NPC esp:
In the main file, the common clothes and armors are in a few loot/merchant leveled lists. Some few npcs, such as couriers, will wear clothes from this mod. In the NPC version under the optional files, all the npcs who wear farmclothes outfits or merchants outfits have a chance to wear the clothes. Now, the way Skyrim works is that a lot of information including NPC outfits are stored in the save file. So if you have an existing save and use the NPC esp, you may see no one wearing the clothes from this mod. You can go to any NPC wearing vanilla farmclothes, use the console and resurrect them and they will respawn and cycle through the possible outfits. Once you see one you like on that npc, you can leave them and save and they will stay like that. Conversely, if you start a brand new game, you'll see tons of NPCs wearing clothes from this mod. If you think they'd look better in the vanilla clothes, you can use the console to resurrect them until they cycle back to their default. Then you can save your game and they will stay in those clothes probably forever. So to review, if you want a lot of npcs wearing the clothes, start a new game. If you only want a few, then use a save where you've gone mostly everywhere basically already and then install the NPC esp. You can always cycle through the clothings options for the npc with the resurrect console command and once you save your game, they will stay in those clothes. An unfortunate side effect is that if you decide to delete this mod or just revert back to the normal version, Npcs in your save file that wore the clothes from this mod will be naked and will need to be resurrected in order to go back to their default outfit.

Thanks to Koubitz for the Video. It is for the .93 version but everything is still the same depending on which esp you use.
Except the Textures are mostly not vanilla so it mostly won't be effected by any texture replacers you have.
For instance, If you have Amidianborn Iron Armor, the Robed Iron will look different but still HD. I did that so there is
more variety. Most Textures for full outfits are 2048. There is a 1024 version if you want to use that resolution.

I am obliged to acknowledge these authors for some of the resources in this mod.

Improved NPC Clothing - High Res by BaronDavid

Nernies Ranger Pack by Nernie

Game of Thrones Armor Compilation by Donker316

The Witcher 2 Models by LordOfWar

Wanderer Cuirass by Frank and Cabal by FrankDema and Cabal120

Chainmail texture by defunkt

Leather Armor Alternative Textures by exray catt

Viking Chainmail Armor by hothtrooper44

aMidianBorn Iron and Banded Armor by CaBaL

Armored Clothing by BryanWee20


.98 Update of Common Clothes adds some more variants.
also simplified the crafting recipes

provided optional esps where only the armors are craftable
There are 75 different clothes
and robes not counting armors so it can be a little too much in your crafting menu.

provided optional esps where the items are found only  as loot and from merchants as well an esp where they are also worn by npcs.

All Armors are now Temperable.

- replaced female minerclothes variation pants mesh
- replaced some female quilted robes textures that had blockiness/artifacts

-added optional file that adds leveled lists to outfit entries. many more npcs will wear the clothes.