About this mod

Small house in Dayspring canyon for a vampire hunter character. Custom models and textures include new house, new textures, a custom armour, unique dagger and a custom husky follower. Beautiful clutter, glorious custom storage and plenty of eye candy.

Permissions and credits
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Mod works as intended, so don't expect any updates.
I don't develop old mods any more.

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• Decent gaming rig
• Skyrim up to date
• Dawnguard DLC

Recommended alongside this house is the new Vampire Hunter shop mod:


Mod includes:
- A small barricaded house in the gorgeous Dayspring Canyon, right before Fort Dawnguard.
Credits for house models: breti -
Credits for textures: Langley -

- A custom follower husky, if you're in Dawnguard. The dog is in DG faction so it only follows friendlies
Credits for the fur to Aenkill:

- A custom silver dagger for sneaky vampire slaying
Credits to InsanitySorrow:

- Custom Vigilant clothing with epic enchantments
Credits to batmanna:

- All basic vanilla crafting (forge can craft Dawnguard items and Skyforge Steel also)
- Named storage for organised and tidy house
- 1 Mannequin, some weapon displays

The place is locked up pretty tight. The previous owner went to fight vampires in Morthal but never returned. Find his body and you find the key.
He sent his dog home and Blade can be found guarding outside the house. Blade is NOW essential.

If you cannot guess where the previous owner died, you can get the body location from the readme

I don't know why, but I couldn't get the weapon plaques working no matter what I tried, so I made them into static Dawnguard weaponry displays.

General stuff:
It is meant to be a lone warrior's place. Just a man and his faithful dog. No frills, no friends, CERTAINLY NO children.

- Navmeshed but no additional room for followers
- Cleaned and hand-polished in TES5Edit with magnificent skill
- All storage is safe and no respawn
- The house is in the BOSS 2.2 Masterlist
- Bed gives Well Rested bonus
- Map marker has to be discovered

I will delete every comment moaning about stuff I warned people about in advance, including:
- how small it is
- how the armour is just robes
- how much it makes their game lag
- how it requires DLC
- how it's not follower friendly

Credits for the resources used:
InsanitySorrow: Towel, the silver dagger, clutter
Oaristys: Modder's Resource Pack
Aenkill: Blade's shiny new fur coat
Langley: Most of the textures on the house
DarkFox127: Black marble texture
Stroti/Tamira : New clutter like the kitchen stuff
breti: The house models ext and int from his Rochester work
Blary for all his amazing modder's resources including alchemy clutter and decoration
TESA folk for the resource pack (Hanaisse for the black wizard robe texture)
Lilith for clutter and catering resources
tueffelachtein for the modular crafting resource
NogZoiets for glorious Svindall textures
stoverjm for the open book resource
The_Funktasm for Morrowind clutter and textures
Mr. Dave for the wonderful and totally underrated texture resource (roof tiles)
BrettM for FPI project clutter and items
batmanna for allowing me to modify and use the incredible Vigilant Robes from his Warmonger armoury

♥ ♥ Thanks to ♥ ♥
- All the fantastic people mentioned above
- Niftools folk for Nifskope
- Tamira for all the help she's given me
- DarkFox127 for testing help
- My boyfriend for the patience for when I completely get lost in my CK projects
- powerchimp1 for inspiration on new kinds of clutter arrangements and the glorious armour wardrobe


As always, please enjoy my work, leave comments and suggestions, and do send me those shiney pretty screenshots. I LOVE YOUR SCREENSHOTS!