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This mod allows you to command your summons from vanilla or other mods as well as your followers through a menu.

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[size=5pt]1: Description[/size]
[size=3pt]This mod adds a simple menu command followers and summons, you can now trade, change behavior and more without talking to them.[/size]

[size=5pt]2: How to use[/size]
K is the default key to bring-up the menu.
Z(shout key) is the default key for assign/remove/attack/push him orders.


First you need to assign the follower or summon creature a slot through the assign spell.
After that you can remove him from the slot trade or use behavior or order commands.

Orders submenu:
1- Attack: The slot unit(follower or summon) will try to enter into combat mode with the target npc, you can kill guards and people with no worries about bounties this way, or make they kill each other
2-Follow him(push him): Useful for crowd control, the unit will push the target until you clear the order. You may also order followers/summons to push people from cliffs this way(sacrificing themselves too, makes summons more useful this way).
3-Follow/Wait S- Follow/wait for summons, when waiting summons will not attack even when attacked as they are mindless.
4-Follow/Wait F- Follow/wait for followers, use this for followers to avoid the mindless effect summons have.
5-Clear: Use this to clear Follow him(push him) orders.

Behavior submenu:
1-Aggression: Passive(attack when hit) or aggressive(attack on sight)
2-Confidence: Heroic is highest level, it means never back down from a fight. Cautious is the lowest level, he will likely flee from a hard fight.
3-Support: How much the unit will help allies and neutrals, unhelpful means he will only help himself and the player.

Behavior does not work with summons and behavior orders aren't saved, you have to reissue them everytime you load the game.


[size=5pt]3: Compatibility[/size]
[size=3pt]The mod does not work completely on npcs that become follower through "make follower spell" from amazing follower tweaks or similar mods.[/size]

[size=5pt]4: Requirements[/size]
[size=3pt]1-Skyrim.esm 1.9.32 with update.esm latest version
2- SKSE latest version
3- SkyUI[/size]

[size=5pt]5: Uninstall[/size]
[size=3pt]1- In console "stopquest _orderquest"
2- Save
3- Deactivate the esp in the mod manager you use
4- Load
Alternatively, you can simply leave it in your load order if you don't need to free space for another mod.[/size]

[size=5pt]6: History[/size]
1.0 - Umcompressed the files to make the mod work, added hotkeys and also added an teleport feature through hotkeys.
0.8 - First release[/size]

[size=5pt]7- To do list:[/size]
???- More stuff perhaps. (though very unlikely)[/size]

1- I loaded the game and pressed K and the command menu does not appear!
A: It's recommended you access the MCM menu called command menu, as it refreshes the key input reading.
Everytime you load you have to reassing the summons/followers to their slots, I really searched for ways to not require this but most of the solutions I fuond would strain CPU too much.

2-I can't revert from Werewolf/Vampire Lord/Etc form to my normal form!
A:You didn't read the warning, did you?

3: They don't obey me!
1- Depending on mod combination you have to issue the order twice and some orders take time to have an effect, like the wait order for followers.