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I have been revisiting my past mods, and I discovered a serious lighting error in this one, which is now fixed. There was also a problem with the navamesh, which is now also fixed. And, best of all, I done a whole game reinstal since making this mod, and the bug i just to have with bookshelves is no more, so the ones in the room are now completely functional. Before updating I'd take any books you may have piled on them manually out, so they don't go flying all over the room. That's about it. I also have a new mod out ( that is much more expansive and elaborate, if you want to check it out. 

At the end of the Thieves Guild questline, after all your hard work stealing the most repetitive of things and managing not to kill Vex and Delvin in your frustration, plus handing over a daedric artifact for the good of your guild, what do you have to show for it? A chest with the same things as the barrel outside in the canal with the shadowmark on it. Well, now, with my snazzy new mod, you get a room! Yes a room, with everything the discerning adventurer could need, while not being overly god-moddy. yes, that is now a word.

This realistic room includes all the basic amenities plus some nifty aesthetics! look at the screen shots, they're really quite pretty.

What you need:
Skyrim (duh)
An iq over 80
The Thieves Guild Tribute Chest Key, which you get for becoming guildmaster, to get in the door. Of course you could just console the lock open, but that's cheating and I, officially, silently, and anonymously judge you.

Where to go:
Down the same hallway as the training room. (see screenshot) I don't know how it can be anymore idiot proof.

In the screenshots I do have a Book Cover mod that isn't mine: That should be the only thing that would make your game look different from them.

Since this is my first mod, I'd appreciate any feedback and the like. Also, if anyone with moderate skill with quest modding and a whole bunch of free time on their hands and would be interested in helping me make a story-based quest mod that I don't have the skills for, you would become my favorite person on earth.