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Adds Cool Spells with unique ways of casting

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[size=8]The New Version:[/size]
This Version adds one Power and two Spells
Steam-Blast: this power let's you Blast your enemies away with Steam
Summon Horde: Let's you summon the 3 elemental Atronachs with one spell, you also can summon them as manny times as you want
Power: Destruction Blast
this Power let's you absorb your ennemies spells and makes your Destruction Spells stronger, it also gives you a huge magica boost.

I edited the Rune Spell so that each time you use the rune, the effects will change: one time it is a fire rune, the other a storm or ice rune, when you hit someone, the rune will not whear off, but hit your foes with poison
I also edited some things with the other spells, so check it out!

Download The Normal Version (UP)
The Rebalanced Version (PP)
Or The Old Version (OP + Glitches)

[size=8]So I recommend the "REREBALANCED" Ver.
What It Does (Ver. 1.10):

This Mod adds 6 Spells to the game. 5 Destruction and 1 Healing type Spell. (Ver. 1.10.)


"Fire-Blast" Shoots Firewaves, looks pretty epic
"Ice-Blast" Schoots Icewaves, looks also pretty epic
"Storm-Blast" Lightning Attack with Lightning Ball at target Location, Changed this Spell in the new Ver. No freeze and the Spell looks pretty cool, try it out yourself
(I remade this Spell from Scratch)
"Inferno-Blast" This spell is an Exception, it always uses Vanilla Cast
NEW: Rune-Blast: Fire Rune, but I will be changing this in the Future, there are some issues with the Explosions (Spell still works 100%)
"Heal-Burst" Heals at Target Location, Visual effects are also nice
[size=8]How to Use:[/size]
They are pretty easy to use:
One Handed:
The "Blast" Spells can be used normally when equipped on the left Hand.
On the right hand the player will perform the Master-Cast Animations
Two Handed:
Master-Cast Anims will be used, but you are still able to use two different Spells, just equip them
L and R and dual cast the second one with a little delay, this should shoot two different Spells at the same time.
If you use any of the Spells with any spells I didn't provide or weapons, the Spells will work normally with Vanilla Anims If equiped Left. (Some Random >>insert Fäkalwort<< may Happen
when you use the spell on the right while using weapons but you will be able to do the Master anims while having a Sword etc. equipped

[size=8]Where Can I find them?[/size]

You will find the Spell Tomes in Dragonsreach, at the entrance on the ground, feel free to take them, nobody cares.
I also may Upload a Video in the near Future

[size=8]More Notes:[/size]

- The Spells are kinda OP since I use the unofficial Morrowloot-Skyrim Overhaul by lolpwnt
- I hope you enjoy this mod.
- Feel free to distribute or use in your own mods, I'm not going to be cheecky on you ;)
- Questions about the mod? message me, but be warned: I myself don't know how I was able to make these spells, it just suddenly happened that the casting got messed up, and I'm acting like some high degree modder (^_^;)
- More Spells and etc. to come (I'm pretty new to modding, this is also my first mod)
[size=8]Location for Dummies:[/size]


Version 1.00:
What It Does:
This Mod adds 6 Spells to the game. 4 Destruction and 2 Healing type Spells.
Somehow the Lightning Spell froze, so I don't recommend this Ver.
also the Spells were too Powerfull.
"Fire-Blast" Shoots Fire, looks pretty epic
"Ice-Blast" Schoots Ice, looks also pretty epic
"Storm-Blast" Lightning Attack, with pretty huge Lightnings, I may change them in the near Future
"Inferno-Blast" This spell is an Exception, it always uses Vanilla Cast
"Heal-Burst" Heals Target fully in a Kawaii way (Works 100%, Really!)
"Heal-You" Fully Heals anybody near Detonation

You will have to steal the Spells from Dragonreach (Spells are on the Floor)