Summonable Ethereal Chest by Sagittarius22
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Last updated at 18:05, 2 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 18:25, 2 Mar 2014

You are one of the most powerful mages of Skyrim, but you didn't invest too much in Stamina, which means you can't take a lot of items during your adventures?

You are moving from your home to another one, but Lydia is not strong enough to carry all of your burdens?

Well, look no more, adventurer. This mod is for you. When killing a dremora, bandit mage, forsworn wizard or Thalmor wizard, you will notice they sometimes have a curious spell tome that you never saw before. Upon reading this book, it's suddenly clear: you are now able to summon a chest from one of the multiples planes of Oblivion. This is just what you needed.

Is this balanced? In my opinion, yes. First, the spell will consume half of your magicka +30 (doesn't matter how of a skilled mage you are). Second, the spell can only be used once per day, and the chest will vanish upon closing it, so think twice before summoning and using it!

The book can also be found in some spell tomes vendors, for a kind of heavy price.

Compatiblity-wise, this mod is totally clean (no dirty edits) and is compatible with every mod you could imagine (even SkyRe and other overhauls).

Use Nexus Mod Manager, or unzip the files contained in this download, and put the BSA and ESP files in your DATA folder, then activate it using your favourite mod manager.

If you ever wish to uninstall it, make sure you summoned the chest and got your belongings back. Delete all files associated with the mod (SummonableChest.esp and SummonableChest.bsa).

Steam version.