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Hug people to spread love, get bonuses, raise relationship ranks, and generally feel better.

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Hey people,
for all intents and purposes, consider this mod, and all my other mods, "done". 
If you want a tiny bit more to read, take this.
Goodbye and have fun

Free Hug Mod

-- A mod for love --


0. Description
1. Installation/Updating
2. Compatibility
3. Random Nonsense
4. Credits
5. Media

-- 0. Description

So yeah, this is a mod that lets you hug Skyrim's population.

When initiating dialogue, you'll be given the option to "Hug" the guy or girl you're talking to. Doing so will give you the "Shared Love" buff that reduces incoming weapon and Destruction spell damage by 5% for three hours. You will also gain small amounts of Speech experience, and when you hug someone the first time, their relationship rank with you will improve.

With version 1.1 comes combat hugging. While fighting someone, hug the target to calm it down for 10 seconds. Only works once per target, and only if the target's weapon is out and your weapons are sheathed. The hug is immediately initiated, without an option window.

Combat hugging can be turned off if you think it breaks immersion; just run the console command

set xFHEnableCombatHugging to 0

You can't hug dead people, you can't hug with weapons or magic drawn, and you can't hug someone you're currently trying to kill.

-- 1. Installation

Either manually download, unpack and copy to Skyrim/Data, or click the fancy NMM button... nothing complicated here. No dependencies or complicated routines. Doesn't need any DLC or other mods.

Updating is easy. Just install the old version over the new one - it'll fix itself.

-- 2. Compatibility

Doesn't edit any vanilla records, so it should work with everything.

-- 3. Random Nonsense

This mod has two purposes:

1: Share some love. Really, more love would make this crappy world a better place. If this mod makes you hug one additional person, my 10 minutes of modding were a success.

2: Advertisement for my new upcoming mod Perkus Maximus. PerMa will contain a perk that allows you to hug people to make them potential followers. Follow PerMa for awesome news and MSPaint art on facebook.

-- 4. Credits

Credits go to Ronja, the last chick I free hugged in real life. Granted, my hugs aren't great, because I'm all muscles and stuff, but free hugs still are a good thing overall.

Damn she was cute.

Luckily there are no girls here, so she'll never see this. ^^

-- 5. Media

Here's a video done by sidras01. Skip to 3:41 to witness Free Hug Mod in action.