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Added: 28/02/2014 - 11:26PM
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Last updated at 15:19, 15 Jun 2015 Uploaded at 23:26, 28 Feb 2014

Version 2 update of Elaborate Lair with Female Cattle has the correct ESP this time. Sorry for the goof up there!

It always annoyed me that the coffin in the basement of hearthfire homes was kinda out in the open. I mean really, the adopted kids are down there all the time, what do you say "Just ignore mommy's coffin while you practice fighting sweetie?"

This mod changes that by adding a secret room for your coffin!

It comes in seven flavors ONLY USE ONE!

Coffin Cubby : Just adds a tiny room with your coffin and a candle.

Coffin Cubby - Lair : Adds a much larger room complete with coffin, candle, dining table, blood extraction area, and of course your own personal cattle!

Coffin Cubby - Lair - Female Cattle : Same as original Lair but with 3 unique essential female cattle instead of randomly generated ones.

Coffin Cubby - Expanded Lair : Lair with a master room and a room for 4 followers.

Coffin Cubby - Expanded Lair - Female Cattle : Le duh.

*NEW* Coffin Cubby - Elaborate Lair : Expanded lair with entryway changed into full dining room and "food preparation" room. REQUIRES Blood Barrels Dispense Blood

*NEW* Coffin Cubby - Elaborate Lair + Female Cattle : You get the picture. REQUIRES Blood Barrels Dispense Blood


Do not build the workbench coffin if you haven't already. If you have and still want to use this file, simply open the console and disable the original coffin (it will be blocking the secret door)

Either file will be incompatible with any mod that edits the coffin alcove.

Credit goes to Ac3s for the original coffin cubby room as seen in his awesome mod Lakeview Basement Bedroom

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