Falkreath Cave House - Adoption and Follower Friendly by Noxide
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Last updated at 19:44, 17 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 19:17, 28 Feb 2014

This is a mid-size player home constructed from Nordic Ruins architecture. So it's basically a cave with all the stuff needed to live in it. 
It's in a new world space, so no enemies or Legendary dragons or entranced foxes will try to murder your family. If you use Better Vampires, then the Dawnguard will still come after you and try to kick your a** though.
It's fully functional, but it is sparsely cluttered, mainly because that's the way I prefer to play, but also because it gives you the chance to add your own stuff to it. 
  • Adoption friendly. You can move your entire family here (up to 6 kids), but as always, you need to have the latest version of Hearthfire multiple adoptions - Now with custom home support for kids and spouse by TMPhoenix. Without his mod, you will not be able to move your family. 
  • Follower friendly. Space for 5 of them.
  • It has an armory with 13 (I think) mannequins
  • Kitchen with dining table for 6 kiddies and an oven and a sort of out of place fireplace... 
  • Child Room
  • Main bedroom
  • Library type room and "living room" in one space.
  • The Enchanting and Alchemy lab is also in the above space
  • Only 5 plantable...Errr... planters. You're welcome to add more. Plenty of space.
  • Fish Hatchery
  • Gazebo with some steamy water in the exterior. (Thanks to MRPDean. Copied his)
  • Two Apiaries
  • All the blacksmith stuff. Sharpening wheel, tanning rack, workbench, forge, smelter and a wood chopping block. 
  • Waterfall that falls into a  river and runs through the exterior cell.
  • Plenty of markers for the NPC's
  • There is also a third entrance in the exterior (one is the entrance to the cavern, one is the house) This is just a door. I'm planning something there but it is not for everyone. I left the entrance there in case you want to expand. Maybe follower rooms or whatnot.
  • This room has been converted into a follower room. Please let me know if it works, as I have never built a follower room before

I'd like to stress that this is a very basic house mod, but 100% functional. No scripts or fancy levers or toilets or or or. I did use some resources for toys and such, but they are minimal.
Loads of room for some DIY. Go mad.
It's been navmeshed by hand and cleaned with TES5Edit.

  • Changed the name to the actual house to Casa Cueva. Spanish just sounds cool.
  • Added a follower room in the previously unused area that is called Compañeros. It has 5 beds, a fireplace with cooking pot, bookshelf, chest, wardrobe and a "chest of drawers" which is also called a wardrobe by Bethesda. I just don't know.
  • Added some trees and flowers in the exterior. You know. For prettiness. Also added two hearthfire planters in front of the gazebo. Space for 8 plantable plants.
  • This version has the removable torches that was previously an optional file.
  • Added some rugs.
  • Moved the two wine racks that you could play soccer with into the kitchen counter with the cheeses on top.
  • And just for Arkayn71 (LAWL) I fixed he issue whereby the "Current Position" marker showed you near Whiterun, instead of Falkreath cavern.

  • Changed the two planter in the living area. They were moving. Freaky stuff.
  •  Added 4 chests to the armory. Just some extra storage
  • Fixed a floating scroll rack
  • The door to the right of the cavern entrance is functional now. You can go in if you really need to. :D

  • Added some removable torches inside and out as per a request for people that use ENB. Hope it's enough. Adding more light sources is going to start to cause flickering. You need the main file.

The entrance is very close to Cracked Tusk Keep and the Twilight Sepulcher (see screenie)
Known Bugs
None I'm aware of. If you find something, let me know and I'll play mechanic.

Hearthfire and Dawnguard (yes really)
Install with NMM, or unzip the BSA and ESP into your ... Skyrim/Data folder
To uninstall, use NMM or just delete those two files.
Leave a crappy comment ONLY after reading the description. Don't complain about the lack of clutter. 
Please endorse if you like. 
Thanks to all the usual suspects:
Oaristys and Tony 67
The Funktasm
Insanity Sorrow
FPI Research
MRPDean m/
You all rock. Thanks for all your hard work
Bethesda for the game and the Creation Kit.