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Added: 28/02/2014 - 06:19AM
Updated: 25/01/2017 - 10:57PM

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Last updated at 22:57, 25 Jan 2017 Uploaded at 6:19, 28 Feb 2014

Update 1.03:
Fixed the projectile to use the correct model, I accidently used the normal arrow model.
Moved the arrows to the dwarven crafting section rather than misc items.

Fixed the arrows so they are not short when drawn.

Update 1.01:
Added arrows to go with the bows.
Slightly modified vanilla quiver.
Changed the arrowhead to a broadhead style.
Dawnguard version with frost, shock, and flame explosive arrows like the crossbow bolts and normal arrows.
Vanilla version with just the bows and normal arrows.
Bows are unchanged and still a main file.

3 main files available, 1 is bows only the other 2 include the arrows. USE 1 only unless you like having duplicates in your crafting menu. I know I don't.

Adds 2 new Dwarven bows. 1 is a recurve bow and the other is a compound bow. Both are craftable and can be found inside Blackreach next to the throne above the city. The recurve is the same damage as a Daedric bow and the compound version is 1 more damage point more than Daedric.

Lore friendly story:
"A Dwemer weapons master was experimenting with the standard issue bow given to archers in an attempt to make them more powerful. He came up with 2 prototypes. One uses curved limbs that make it easier to draw but a more power release and the other uses a set of pulleys and stiff limbs. After the final test in Blackreach before he could have them produced for the soldiers he fell off the parapet he was testing them on. Before anyone else could do anything with them the Dwemer disappeared."

Models are mine and Bethesda's. I used 3DS Max 2012 student edition to model the limbs and strings. and connected them to the handle of the vanilla dwarven bow..

Optional Installer with SkyRe patch version made by Insaneplumber Please give a Kudos to him for setting that up.

The recurve uses the vanilla texture but may not work 100% with a modified texture. The compound uses a modified version of the vanilla texture.

Mod compatibilities, compatible with any mod except one that changes the spot in Blackreach I placed the 2 bows. Recurve may not look correct if using a heavily modified texture.

NMM issues: I will not support NMM so if NMM does not install the mod correctly use the NMM forums to ask. That's where NMM support belongs, not on mod authors comments. If NMM screws up and you ask me about it my answer is uninstall NMM, delete it from your computer, and install mods manually.

Install directions: Unpack the zip file to your Skyrim Data directory. make sure JetDwemerBows.esp is checked in your launcher.

Mod Authors: You are free to retexture the bows and upload the new textures but the original file is required for download. You are free to use one or both in another mod, If you use 1 bow you may include it with the download but if you use both this must be a required download. My esp is not required if you include them in your mod. All usage requires credits on the download page and a link in my comment section to the download.

Under no circumstances are the models to be uploaded as is to any website unless only 1 is included in a complete mod.

Translators: Feel free to translate and upload the esp anywhere you want but the original mod is required for download and a link posted in my comments for the translation download.

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