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Unlimited charges for attacking Staves and Weapons - works on custom enchantments too including enchantments not made for weapons, applied to weapons (see caveat about some staves and also REQUIRES SKSE)

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I couldn't find an unlimited charges mod that worked on custom enchantments (when you add enchantments not made for weapons to weapons) so I decided to make one. Now go ahead and dual enchant that sword with weakness to fire and also fire damage ;)
This was my first go at modding for Skyrim but everything seems to work OK.
When using any enchanted weapon or staff there will be no deduction made to the charge level. If it is empty you probably need to charge it first though.

UPDATE: A few people had problems with this saying it wasn't working for them - I had a bright idea at 5am and realised it might be that the SKSE is required (I never thought of it cos I already had it installed anyway). Tested it this morning on a clean version vs SKSE and can confirm that you do need the SKSE for this to work. So! PRE-REQ: SKSE!

There are now 2 versions - both do the same thing but give you the ability in a different way (I must admit, I prefer the book version... feels more organic). The main one just runs a hidden quest and gives you the perk but some people have said that doesn't work so now I've added a book version.
The book you need to read is just dumped on the floor in Riverwood. The easiest way to find it is to fast travel there and look basically straight in front of you at your feet. It's on the floor just under the guard walkway as you enter town.

Additionally this should work everywhere, for everything - custom, vanilla and DLC. If anyone finds it doesn't, just let me know and I'll try to work out why!

Now compatible with perk overhaul mods! The new version doesn't require you to spend a perk point any more but if you do have a old version on then don't worry, this will simply make that point disappear from the perk screen, no need to remove the old version first or muck about with clean saves.

Finally one caveat - the unlimited charge thing for staves only works for staff attacks. As long as the staff is performing some kind of attack (fire, frost, whatever) then it won't discharge but staves that create things (like daedra or zombies) will still discharge. If you can create a staff that both attacks and creates something (I've no idea as I've never tried) then it shouldn't discharge...

Full credit for the removing perk idea and how to (very easily) implement it to Xander9009 - thanks! :)
Also credit to elecp for suggesting the book method of giving the perk! Again, thanks :)