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Last updated at 10:43, 29 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 16:03, 27 Feb 2014

-) Skyrim
-) the latest patch

Yes it's me again and I bring you another cool mod which I developed in the past months. I hope you like the natural desgin of the house and it's unique character. The house is located near Markarth.
You will see a new map marker once you load the mod ingame. The house has a overall druidic and natural design and is supposed to be used by hunters or druids. Though anyone can use it if you like it, but you won't find a smelter or any other crafting facility there.
Maybe if the request is there I can add them in the next update of course.

You will also find some real unique scripts and effects there. I started scripting months ago and I really like to make them now. So you will be able to face Kynareth and her champions in order to get a unique reward. The realm of Kynareth can only be entered once so watch out if you want to take some pics there.

How to get access
Travel to the location given on the Location screenshot or in the description. There you will find the previous owner as well as a note and a key to the house.

[center]As always I hope you enjoy the overall design and come back to

-) uique look and location benath a beautiful spot in the vanilla game
-) small story and battle for the key
-) A unique scripted shield ability for the house to protect the home from the Forsworn ([color=#66cccc]Hint:
search behind the tree)

-) unique design and lightning
-) very special lightning even looking good without any ENB (Hint: If requested I could make a brighter version)
-) unique shrine of Kynareth (Hint: Activate it)
-) Soulgem combiner altar (you can make there soulgems of the next level)
-) Alchemy table
-) a lot of flora and fauna
-) a Waterfall (Hint: Try to jump down and dive)
-) Display area (Mannequins and weapon racks)
-) spider crafting machine
-) unique arcane enchanter
-) a alternate exit or entrance
-) a lot of storage facilities
-) a custom made sleeping place for one person, high above the ground.
-) cooking pot and dinning table
-) fully navmeshed
-) SPECIAL: A functional natural Lift that brings you back up again (If you miss the lift don't worry, after 6 seconds it comes down again)

Kyne's World:
-) a unique world with a new sky and great lightning
-) 3 champions you have to defeat (Hint: they are 2, 3 and 4 -times stronger than you)
-) beautiful place for screenshots
-) humble and nice ambient even withouht any visual enhancment mods

Klick on the download with NMM manager button and install the mod.

If you want to install this mod manually, you have to download it and unpack the archive somewhere. After you unpacked it drop the NaturelCave.esp, .bsl and .bsa into your Skyrim/Data folder. Later on chose your prefered launcher and activate the .esp.

Again I suggest using the NMM, which provides a much easier way to handle mods.

Deactivate the mod in the NMM mod list and delete it afterwards.

Remove the NaturelCave.esp, .bsl and .bsa from your Skyrim/Data folder.

Q: Is this mod cleaned with TES5Edit?
A: Yes ofc. it was cleaned and checked with it.

Q: Where is the house located?
A: You can either look the Screenshots on the mod page or in the folder.

Q: Could you add this and that for me?
A: Just post it in the comments and I'll see what I can do.

Q: What to do with the stone behind the tree?
A: Activate it and you will see a message. Activate the shrine inside the house.

Reserved for future updates...

Blary for the genious resources I used
Oaristys & Tony67 for their awsome Modders Resource Pack
Vicn for the Object Resource I used
maymay1588 for the awsome Petalcloak spell I used
elinen for the waterplants resource
Another special Thanks to Tamira, who always helps me with small models and ideas.
All the people from TESA and the offical CK Wiki who helped me with my scripts
Bethesda for creating the game and the CK

size=+2]Finally don't forget to enjoy the mod and the game !!![/size]


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