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Experience Choice by perrob. Allows you to set an experience gain multiplier in game through an easy to use MCM page.

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Requirements:Latest skyrim update (v1., SKSE, SkyUI 4.1

This simple mod gives you a new menu-page in the Mod Configuration Menu. Go the MCM and select "Experience Choice". From there you can use a slider to set what you would like your experience gain multiplier to be. Valid options are 1x (default) through to 5x.

I created this mod because I was fed up doing so much work re-grinding character levels so I could adequately test mods. Especially the big perk overhauls!

I don't count this as a cheat mod - you still play the game as normal, its just extremely useful for quickly running through the first 10 or 20 levels.

NOTE: There is a weird glitch happening when using 'incpcs' from the console or paying a trainer to increase a particular skill by 1.
*** It's nothing gamebreaking! ***
For some reason, your first increase will work, the 2nd will not, the 3rd will, then 4th not, etc. As far as I can tell this only happens with the incpcs console command and using a trainer.
I've so far not been able to figure out a decent fix for this. I expect the next version to contain some kind of workaround - potentially a hotkey to immediately disable the experience multiplier which could be pressed again to re-enable at previous level, or possible extra scripting to see if I can intercept when talking to a trainer.
While the hotkey before entering - or manually choosing default in the MCM - will work for the 'incpcs' at console, there's no way I'll be able to do a shmancy interrupt there.

Will post more info and update when I can!

Thanks for checking out my mod :)

UPDATE v1.2 - Switched from slider layout to an much more readable menu. Highlight the 'choice' part, click, and there are all your options. Confirmation of choice becoming active is displayed at top left of scren when you exit the pause menu.

UPDATE v1.1 - Modified to allow 1/4 and 1/2 vanilla speed experience gains. NOTE: The slider no longer shows the multiplier itself. Please read the legend in the MCM to see which option gives which multiplier.
Sorry, this is a quick and ugly update to allow these options. I'll finesse this for the next release, promise!



While not recommended mid-playthrough, ensure you reset the slider to 1x (default) in the menu, exit MCM, then as long as you enter the following on the console you should be fine to remove:
stopquest perrobECquest


Further info:

Should you not use SKSE / SkyUI, but still wish to get the benefits of my little mod you can manually activate the multipliers by typing the following into the console:

stopquest perrobECquest
help "XP choice"
You will see a list of 5 perks. Take note of the ID of the perk you want to activate. It'll be in the format XX00182x IIRC.
then, for example, type:
player.addperk 3500182b

Assuming my mod is loaded in position 35, this should activate the 5x perk.

When finished, to remove you could use:
player.removeperk 3500182b#

Please use this information with caution. I am not responsible for how you use your computer and/or game.


Credits / Thanks:

Bethesda for Skyrim and all of the TES games!
The SKSE and SkyUI teams for their fantastic contributions to the skyrim modding scene. A hearty thanks!