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Read the whole description it will tell you how to upgrade the mod to the new ESM for version 1.0 Beta near the bottom.

High Res Texture BSA Released *I have express permission from Crypton the author of the HD Septim mod to edit his textures for these coins all credit for the original textures goes to him*

*DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE I have asked Crypton for permission to use his textures and he has given me access to edit his textures and only me*

Download the original HD Septim mod here

Coins of Skyrim Read-Me



*The in game Pics of the coins are not the textures that come with this mod. Those are the High Res textures that I cant release yet as I dont have permission from the author to use his textures as a base (Look at the pic with all three textures in one image thats the ones included in the mod the default textures)*

1. Description
2. Features
3. Installation
4. Uninstallation
5. Questions & Answers (Q&A)
6. Change Log
7. Known Bugs/Issues
8. Reporting Bugs/Issues
9. Addons list
10. Addons Readmes
11. Upgrading from previous version (ESP to ESM)
12. Using the MCM menu

1. [Description]
Dynamically Changes the way you make money in skyrim for both killing enemies and quests (Quests give the same ammount of gold but they are in 4 different coin values)

If you want to sell the coins at the exact value they are supposed to be and you have version 1.0 Beta or later then go to your spells in the restoration section and equip and use the "Mod Speechcraft" spell. This temporaraly makes prices 525% better for 60 seconds so the coin values are exact like they are supposed to without affecting your speechcraft level.

Coin Values:
Ebony Coin:
Value: 10 Septims Weight: 0.04

Gold Coin:
Value: 5 Septims Weight: 0.03

Silver Coin:
Value: 3 Septims Weight: 0.02

Bronze Coin:
Value: 1 Septim Weight: 0.01

*NOTE: Higher-Res Coins will be added once I get Permission from the author to use his textures*

2. [Features]
Dynamic Enemy Coin System
What Is it?:

Well the Dynamic Coin System for Enemies is Regular and Boss Enemies have a random yield of total value of the Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Ebony Coins. You could get no coins or could get Total Coin Value worth 2000+ for one enemy just depends as its random.

*Dragons can yield up to 2x the total coin value the other enemies but it still stands as you can get None or little value of coins its still random like the normal enemies.*

- Renames the "Gold" to "Gold Septim"

3. [Installation]
Use NexusModManager for easy installation.

4. [Uninstallation]
Use NexusModManager

5. [Q&A]
Q: Where do I Turn the coins to Gold Septims (Spendable Money)?
A: Well you can generally sell them to any merchant that sells MISC items and if you have the merchants addon you can sell them to a follower "Vorbi the Huntress" which she is located in Whiterun market (Walking around most likely)

Q: The coin values aren't like their supposed to be?
A: I came across this too. As of COS version 1.0 Beta its been fixed. All you have to do is go to your spells and go to the restoration section and equip "Mod Speechcraft" spell. What this spell does is temporararaly makes it where the values of the coins are exact for 60 seconds. If you wanna Sell the coins use this spell first.

6. [Change Log]
- Version 1.0 Alpha -
-Initial Release

- Version 1.0 Beta -
-Adds Ebony Coin
-Adds Weight to the coins
-Adds a "Mod Speechcraft" spell
-Adds a "Amulet of better prices" as the spell doesn't work 100% of the time.

7. [Known Bugs/Issues]
- Version 1.0 Alpha and Version 1.0 Beta -
-You ocasionally see a "Gold Septim" inside the enemy inventory. This is a bug, only Gold,Silver,and bronze coins are supposed to be the only currency in their inventory. PLEASE REPORT THIS IF YOU FIND ONE.

8. [Reporting Bugs/Issues]
I need help from the community on this mod as its quite a big mod to debug by myself so thats where you guys come in. This section shows you how to report bugs on this mod.

What is a known bug?
I tested this myself and killed a couple enemies and found a "Gold Septim" in one of the corpses. THIS IS A BUG and isnt supposed to be there. If you find an Enemy with a "Gold Septim" in his inventory then I need you to report it to me on this mod page under the forums section (There will be a topic called COS Bugs and Issues Reporter) I will need to know what enemy type it was for ex Bandit Boss. For neatness I would like you to report the issues as follows on the COS Bugs and Issues Roporter page in the forums.

Reporting Bugs Form (Please do it this way for easy reading) I want you to follow is below:

[COS Version]
-Version: 1.0 Alpha

-The Bug Info Goes here

[Found on what (Enemy, Dragon, Etc.)]
-Bandit Boss
-Short description of the bug/issue and where the enemy was located.

9. [Addons List]
- COC Addon - Merchants
- Version: 1.0 Alpha

10. [Addons Readmes]
{COC Addon - Merchants}
Current Version: 1.0 Alpha

Adds a new merchant named "Vorbi the Huntress" to the whiterun which she is able to be a follower and she is marryable. she is always able to sell and buy to you she is open 24 hours a day.

- New follower/Merchant/Wife "Vorbi the Huntress".
- Vorbi the Huntress is essential and cannot die.
- Vorbi the Huntress is a level 50 Archer
- Vorbi the Huntress can buy your coins and she sells archery equipment as well (Bows, Arrows, Armor)
- Vorbi the Huntress has her own bow with a special enchantment that absorbs 25 points of the enemies Damage Resist for 2 seconds (Bow is unplayable by the player, For obvious reasons)
-Vorbi the Huntress also has 20000 gold to use when shes a merchant
- Adds more gold to the merchants 20000 (Any more gold and there will be bugs sorry.)

11. [Upgrading from previous version (ESP to ESM)]
If you wanna use the new MCM Menu plugin you need a clean save and you are gonna have to do these steps.
1. First load your save and sell all your coins you have to merchants (you will loose them if you don't do this)
2. Save your game
3. Go back to NMM and uninstall the COS - Main.esp
4. Go back to your game and load up your last save you just saved a minute ago
5. Once loaded save the game again.
6. exit and go to NMM and install the ESM+HighRes Texture BSA file 
7. enable the mcm menu plugin.
8. go back in game
9 (optional) use console commands to add the coins into your inventory and test out the MCM menu.
12. [Using the MCM menu]
  [Stats & conversion page]
tracks the amount of coins the player has in their inventory
click on the convert button to convert the coins to septims (Must Exit menus to complete the conversion)
If you press R (the reset key) on either of the values that are the tracking placeholder for the coin counts and septim counts it will refresh the value and show you the new value.

[Speech skills & perks tracker page]
this page tracks the speechcraft skill value and the associated perks with speechcraft. (Vanilla perks)

[Credits & About page]
tells you the current version of the main mod and the credit to the original author of the HD Septim Mod