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Contains Several new colors of the beloved wench dress and the male merchant outfit as well as several new colored boots.

Permissions and credits
The Wenches Wardrobe
Version 2.0

The install folder has changed. I would advise removing any previous version and install 2.0.

Contains Several new colors of the beloved wench dress and the male merchant outfit.

Black, Blue, Brown, Copper, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal, White and Yellow.

All 12 colors come with both Black and Brown leather making a total of 24 new outfits for female and male tavern workers.

I have also include 12 Different colored boots:

Black, Blue, Brown, Copper, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Teal White and Yellow.

Boots are also two toned with the secondary color and either black or brown giving a total of 24 different boots.

Locations for purchase are:

Whiterun - Belethor's General Goods
Markarth - Arnleif And Sons
Riften - The Pawned Prawn
Solitude - Radiant Raiments
QA Smoke - A noble wardrobe near the table with ladles filled with all the outfits, jewelry and boots.

For Modders:

Use any of these textures/meshes as you wish. Just give me credit when using them.

I have created 4 leveled lists to randomize these outfits/boots use throughout the world

15k_TavernWenchBoots Used for randomizing boots in outfits.
11k_TavernWenchClothes Used for randomizing clothes in outfits.
15k_VendorTavernWenchBoots Used so all items are for sale at vendors.
11k_VendorTavernWenchClothes Used so all items are for sale at vendors.

When used in an outfit, each time the NPC re-spawns they will be in a different set of clothes and boots. Be advised that sometimes the color coordination of the NPC's will not be up to snuff. (Green outfit with pink boots???)

All textures are based on the stock wench/merchant outfits, stock boots01 for females and Redguard boots for males.



- Setup color coordinated lists to make sure that outfits are matched by color i.e. Red Outfit, Red boots.
- Added stock jewelry that will be randomly added to outfits. Rings and Necklaceses including diety amulets have a 75% chance of appearing on the NPC while circlets have a 25% chance. Hey, sometimes they get really good tips am I right?


- Discovered that I deleted the 1st person view meshes for females. No clue why. These have been added back in.


- Changed to Tiwa44's newer mini dress mesh.
- Colors have been updated.
- Added a seperate equipable Necklace and Bracelets. (Necklace slot 35 and Bracelets slot 58)
- Slimmed down the download by using a single mesh set instead of using seperate meshes for each color of each piece of equipment.

If you're peeking inside the creation kit and wondering what the hell my naming scheme is, such as 10K_FarmHat01Black or 15K_FarmBoots01Black, here's my newly created naming convention. (K for Kryliss). So unlike other mods where you have to try to find where the hell the modder put their armors, armor addons, textures etc... All mine are at the top.

[[ 08-Jewelry ]]
[[ 10-Hats ]]
[[ 11-Clothes ]]
[[ 12-Upper Body Items]]
[[ 13-Lower Body Items]]
[[ 14-Gloves ]]
[[ 15-Boots/Shoes ]]
[[ 16-Misc ]]

* Additional Fixes


The meshes (Accept for some of the ground/world version meshes) I have no idea how they will work on your system. I do not build/modify meshes so I cannot fix/convert/rebuild the meshes. If the meshes clip, look wrong or anything else, there is nothing I can do, you will have to contact the original mesh designer (Tiwa44 www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/47376) and see if he/she can/will fix it for you.

Feel free to use these meshes/textures however you want. Just be sure to give credit.