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I will not add pictures or info about the original NPC to prevent spoilers.
I recommend using Fus Ro Doh mod, in order to see some dialogs with missing voice in the game. It will help you so much that you will not want to play without it.

For various reasons, some NPCS can not be followers, or they are so awesome that only one of them its not enough... Well, not anymore.
"Special" npcs usually have unique voices wich dont have the marriage/follower dialogues, so i changed their voice to the most similar available.
No custom skeleton, or faces, it will be the one you have installed (or the default vanilla one if none are installed. if you dont know what im talking about, you probably have none installed, so dont worry mod will work perfectly with you as well)
All of them are marriable, can be followers and they are protected (only the player can kill them).
They all start at level 10-25 and will level with you till 81, and some of them till level 200.
No grey face bug, fixed on all of them.
The number of plugins was increasing alarmingly, so they are now separated in groups by holds, to save plugin slots.

The rift:
-Maven Black-Briar clone, Maren, located in Four shields Inn, Dragon Bridge.
-Ingun Black-Briar clone, Ingum, located in Four shields Inn, Dragon Bridge
-Svana Fair Shield expanded stamina pool. Located in Haelga´s Bunkhouse.
-Haelga. Expanded mana pool. Located in Haelga´s Bunkhouse.
-Vex clone, Vexy, located in the bee and barb in riften (usually upstairs) - increased light armor and one handed ability.

-Elenwen´s clone, Elanwen, located in the bee and barb in riften (usually upstairs) -increased magic pool.
-Mirabelle Ervine clone, roaming the college.

Whiterun Hold:
-Ahlam clone, Nahlam. Can be found patrolling Whiterun.
-Irileth clone, Xirileth. Can be found patrolling Whiterun.
-Olfina clone, Olfeena.Can be found patrolling Whiterun.
-Adrianne Avenicci clone, roaming Whiterun.

Others in special groups:
-Gormlaith Golden-Hilt clone, Garmlaith, located in Four shields Inn, Dragon Bridge. Increased health and stamina.
-Astrid´s clone, Samaniel, located in whiterun´s bannered mare.
-Serana´s clone, Sanara located in Whiterun´s Bannered Mare.She is a vampire. I increased her weight slider and added more stamina. Vampire.
-Serana´s sister sanara, (already a lot of serana mods so i customized this one) Has different hair (standalone, no other mods needed) and size. Expanded mana pool. Vampire. Located outside Castle Volkihar.
-Serana´s cousin, Leelu (yes i like serana a lot)
-Valerica´s twin sister Valentia. Vampire. Located outside Castle Volkihar.
-Katria clone, as ghost. Can be found around the place where the original katria´s quest finishes. 
-Arnbjorn clone located in Dead Mans drink falkreath

If Nexus mod manager asks for update say NO, and if it asks to overwrite say YES.

If updating to 2.0 from previous versions, i recommend deleting the npcs from mods like MHYH, AFT, EFF, and any mod that alters and saves the NPC prior to updating, then make a clean save, and finally installing the new version.

To-do list:
-Pack them by locations from now on
-merge all in one or copy to new version the old ones 
-more npcs coming! tell me wich ones do you want.

Thanks to apachii for the hair. Such a wonderful work, check it out!----->ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii