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Axe's Preset Pack for Racemenu! Requires SKSE and Racemenu.

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Axe's Preset Pack
Since 11/11/11 I have spent hundreds of hours making characters, and about 1% of that actually playing the game. So it goes without saying that I enjoy making faces. Here's a selection of the faces I've made over the years in the form of Racemenu chargen presets! Including my Mjoll Facelift (tweaked - a LOT) and Faendal Facelift mods.
Preset functionality in Racemenu makes this mod incredibly simple, 8 plugin files in your skse folder... no esp, no conflicts!

Some are intended to be beautiful, some ugly, some menacing, and some humble. But all of them, I hope you'll agree, look 'right' and full of character. They can be used 'as-is' or as a base for further customisation.

If you use this mod to make a char, or even just use the presets as they are please add images! I'de love to see them.


Requires Racemenu
Requires SKSE


Install with NMM, done.
If it asks you to overwrite you will be overwriting your own presets, you can rename the files to avoid this. You can overwrite temporarily and then deactivate the mod to restore your own presets.


The Presets and their Usage
You can load the presets in character creation by going to the Presets tab in Racemenu, pressing f9 and then clicking on the preset number you want.
The presets are intended for the following races/sexes... but you can load a preset on a different race/sex for comical results, if you like.

Preset 0 - Male Imperial
Preset 1 - Male Redguard
Preset 2 - Female Nord (Mjoll Facelift - tweaked)
Preset 3 - Male Argonian
Preset 4 - Male Dunmer (My personal fave)
Preset 5 - Male Bosmer (Faendal Facelift)
Preset 6 - Male Dunmer
Preset 7 - Female Bosmer
Preset 8 - Female Redguard


Mods in Screenshots
If you want the character to look just like the screenshots you will need:-

XCE (Install the clean skin optional).

I also recommend that you apply the SKSE tint tweak to increase warpaint resolution, as explained in the Racemenu description text (in general, not just for this mod).


I've spent a lot of time on these chars. You may not use this mod or any of my mods/artwork/screenshots or files for anything, sold or otherwise, without my express permission.


Thanks to expired6978 for Racemenu!
Thanks to sumojellybeans for inspiration!
And 86WIllow for inspiration too!
And thanks to Beth of course!