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Order-independent transparency (OIT) is a class of techniques in rasterisational computer graphics for rendering transparency in a 3D scene, which do not require rendering geometry in sorted order for alpha compositing.(copy from wikipedia)

Permissions and credits
Ordering Independent Transparency plugin for skyrim using depth peeling algorithm.

Objects under water now can be seen but may cause halo(some pixels of water are covered) - 4.3
Objects now can receive shadow(not correctly but good enough)- 4.3
Objects now can receive pointlight with shadow - 2.0
It's not been fully test so there may be some bug not found.

use as a proxy library for enb.(later is better.I only tested on ENB 240/251/262)

don't close the enb effect(shift+f12 etc.) because we need the position info from enb while peeling.

known bug : something bad when the background is sky

and about hdtSkyrimOIT.ini

ProxyLibrary =;Same as the one in enb

MaxLayerCount = 4 ;Layers more than this will be ignored. larger=better but slower. at least 2.
IgnoreNonZObject = true ;Object without SLSF2_ZBuffer_Write will be drawn first. Faster but may cause them wrongly occluded.

[SMAA] ;A smaa before UI rendered so it will not blur the texts. Same as what in sweetfx
Enable = true
Threshold = 0.05
MaxSearchSteps = 96
MaxSearchStepsDiag = 18
CornerRounding = 0

For Modders:

Only object with these properties will effect by the plugin

1、SLSF1_ZBuffer_Test, SLSF2_ZBuffer_Write
2、NiAlphaProperty:Enable Blending = true, Source Blend Mode = SrcAlpha, Destination Blend Mode = InvSrcAlpha(4845 etc)

Others transparent objects just simply drawn after OIT object(some will before that if IgnoreNonZObject=true)

source codes

"Uses SMAA. Copyright (C) 2011 by Jorge Jimenez, Jose I. Echevarria, Tiago Sousa, Belen Masia, Fernando Navarro and Diego Gutierrez." http://www.iryoku.com/smaa/