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Automatically consumes food/potions/poisons.

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About Mod

This mod allows player to automatically consume food and potions when players health/stamina/magicka falls below specified percentage and applies poisons automatically in combat and out of combat.


  • Supports all food items/potions with single effect restore health/stamina/magicka, and all poisons.
  • Consumes items according to priorities making this process as efficient as possible.
  • Allows player to delay the consumption to emulate cooldown.
  • Allows player to control the amount of stat recovery.
  • Allows player to skip the eating/drinking animations/effects for uninterrupted combat.
  • Gives a warning if they run out of food and potions (only for health).
  • Configurable via MCM.


1. Multiple items will be consumed according to your stat loss. If you lost 50 HP, then multiple items will be consumed to recover 50 HP.
2. Priority factors are as following :

  • Food / Potions = food -> potions.
  • Type of food = raw food -> fruit/vegetables -> vanilla food -> cooked food -> beverages.
  • Food factors = lowest restoring + highest weight -> lowest weight + highest restoring.
  • Potion factors = vanilla lowest restoring -> vanilla highest restoring -> custom lowest restoring -> custom highest restoring.

3. For poisons, apply the poison once, then mod will apply the same poison every time as long as you have them in your inventory.


1. Download the updated files and overwrite with the existing files. Go in the game and check if its working properly.


1. Disable "Enable AutoConsumePotions" from Mod Configuration Menu then close the menu OR type "stopquest tpACPQuest" in console. Save your game.
2. Deactivate mod and delete it.

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