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A streamlined approach to needs.

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This mod gains additional features depending on other mods you have installed.

Optional: SKSE 1.6.5+
SKSE is only needed for the widgets, enabling more advanced features and configuration of this mod through SkyUI's MCM. 1.7.2+ is needed for water collection from lakes, rivers and ponds.

Optional: SkyUI 3.0+
Required for the widgets. Features from this mod can also be configured through SkyUI's MCM.

Optional: iNeed - Dangerous Diseases
Introduces a new, more difficult disease system. Included in the main archive.

Optional: Wet and Cold 1.40+
Food spoilage and snow melting rates are reduced in the cold. Travelling NPCs may be equipped with waterskins, which allows for purchasing of (expensive) refills.

Optional: Holidays
If Dangerous Diseases is enabled/installed, priests provide cures for free or at a reduced cost on certain days of the year.


A streamlined approach to needs. This mod adjusts to your timescale so by default you should only feel the need to eat and drink 2-3 times a day and sleep once per day provided that you are consuming full meals and getting a full night's sleep. Just use a little common sense, follow a schedule and you should hopefully find that the features here are intuitive and have been well integrated into the world. Some of the more advanced features require SKSE and SkyUI to enable. Credits to schlangster for the original inspiration and widget framework.


  • Widget: Three icons that represent your hunger, thirst and fatigue levels can be configured to two different styles and can be displayed anywhere on your screen. Requires SkyUI and SKSE.
  • Sound: Grumbling stomach noises, coughing and yawning will play more frequently as you become more hungry/thirsty/tired. If you are hearing male noises instead of female on new saves, just make a save and restart Skyrim.
  • Text: Messages will appear in the upper left corner detailing your current state. You won't suffer penalties until you are "mildly hungry/thirsty/tired". Disabled by default if SkyUI is installed.

Your Needs
The heavier the food, the more filling it is likely to be. Water and alcohol will quench thirst. Water can be carried in waterskins, which can 
be crafted at leather racks, purchased from innkeepers or general goods merchants and can sometimes be found on NPCs. They can be 
refilled through the following methods when empty:

  • Purchased from an innkeeper or from any random traveler with a filled waterskin in their inventory (requires Wet and Cold).
  • Requested from an NPC that you've become friendly with (done quests for) in an interior.
  • Collected from any upright bucket or kettle out in the open when it's raining.
  • Collected from any open wells, water barrels or water kegs. Water barrels and kegs can be crafted at a forge or bought from general goods merchants. They will never disappear unless disassembled so feel free to construct them in/outside your home or for your favorite NPCs.
  • Collected in the form of snow, at most bodies of water (SKSE 1.7.2+) or the base of waterfalls by using the 'Drink/Refill Hotkey' or by clicking on an empty waterskin.

You will receive a slight buff for keeping each one of yours needs maintained and three increasing levels of debuffs if you don't. By default you cannot die from neglecting your needs and there are no penalties for overeating/drinking/sleeping. Eating raw meat with satiate you but can also harm you.

Combat Increases Needs
Combat will slightly increase your needs (primarily fatigue) over time.

Consuming alcohol 3 times in a short period of time will put you in a drunken state, which will affect your stats, produce visual impairment effects and may cause you to stumble. Consuming skooma will affect your stats and produce visual impairment effects.

Hotkeys can be set for eating and drinking, which will choose items in your inventory with just one button press. A hotkey for sitting anywhere is also available. Want to further simplify managing your needs? Enable automated eating and drinking, which will automatically choose items in your inventory to consume without any input from you. All you have to do is keep your inventory stocked! These settings must be enabled through the MCM.

Werewolves receive temporary immunity to fatigue while in beast form but will feel more fatigued after reverting back. They can feed to lower thirst and hunger and are able to consume raw food while in human form.
Vampire have three options to choose from:

  • Mortal: Regular food items, feeding and 'Potions of Blood' will lower hunger/thirst. Sleep, feeding and 'Potions of Blood' will lower fatigue.
  • Hybrid: Thirst/hunger are of no concern. Fatigue rises slowly. Sleep, feeding and 'Potions of Blood' will lower fatigue. This is the default option.
  • Pure: Only feeding and 'Potions of Blood' will lower hunger/thirst/fatigue.



Manual: See the manual installation document in the archive.Mod Managers: Download the files and add to your respective programs.Steam Workshop: Hit the subscribe button.

This mod automatically refreshes itself with each revision. When updating (manual or mod managers), simply uninstall the previous version and install the updated version.

When uninstalling, remove all installed files. Make sure iNeed.esp and .bsa are no longer present in your Data folder.