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A 2k retexture of the flame atronach, offering two choices. Check it out!

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Two retextures of the flame atronach each with unique differences to spice up the game.

Winged Flame: Most closely based on the vanilla version to keep lore-friendliness. I didn't like the vanilla washed-out and ash colors, didn't think it was realistic enough. This texture embodies fire and magma itself without looking silly. Also spent a lot of time on her face, and as a result got high-detailed cuteness ^__^

Succubus: Thought variety is good, so I did this one for fun. It has a less ragged look, so it appears as if she were wearing body armor. The strokes are smoother and stylized so it doesn't seem like random fire. She has a more red hue rather than black as I thought to make this one 'sexier', hence the smaller armor in some instances.

Each texture is 2048x1024, double than original. There's also 2 new flame colors to choose from.

Note: There's animated gif images to show all skin textures


If using through nexus, the Fomod launcher will appear prompting you with choices between skin textures and flame colors. They will be directly installed into your data folder.

If not using nexus, you'll have to do it manually. I've made it tidy enough so it's easy to know which is which:
01FlameAtronach is Winged Flame
02FlameAtronach is Succubus
03Fire is Bright Flame
04 is Magma Flame

Change Log

Version 2.1
Bug fix: The 'Magma Fire' was the wrong resolution for unknown reasons and was making visual glitches.

Version 2.0
Main File was released

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