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A simple mod that patches the various typos and grammar errors in Alexander J. Velicky's excellent New Lands mod "Falskaar".

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Typo Patch - Falskaar

Alexander J. Velicky's mod "Falskaar" is incredible. It's original, deep, exciting and arguably the best mod on the Nexus. However, I was always frustrated by the frequent typos and grammatical errors in its loading screens, subtitles etc. Often, this is as simple as a misplaced apostrophe or "passed" instead of "past." Nonetheless, such a professional mod feels incomplete while these mistakes remain. This simple patch aims to fix those errors.

It's currently a work in progress - the loading screens and the Main Quest are done and I'm working through the rest of the mod, so expect regular updates. Check the Change Log to see where I'm up to now. Please do comment with any other typos you come across - I'd be more than happy to fix them.


Please note that I haven't had the facilities to test this beyond my own desktop, but as I've only edited the text files and the mod has been cleaned using TES5Edit, there shouldn't be any cause for bugs. All the same, please save the game before you install this patch so you can go back to it should anything go wrong. I recommend installing, updating and uninstalling using NMM. If you're one of those bizarre people who likes to use mods without a mod manager, just drop the .esp into the skyrim/data folder.

In terms of load order, this should be placed immediately after "Falskaar.esm". Obviously this mod requires v1.2.1final of Alexander J. Velicky's "Falskaar", available here.

Known Issues to be Fixed in Next Update

  • Note name: 'We're Moving.' >> 'We're Moving'

I'll add any typos reported in the comments to this list, and will release a new version as soon as I'm able.


AlexanderJVelicky is the author of Falskaar and presides over its files. This mod is not supported by him in any way, shape or form, and is an independent mod with its own responsibilities and faults.

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