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After spending hundred and hundred of hours alone, on modding. Mixing and matching, finding out what causes errors, reading countless guides, videos, feedback on hundreds of mods, I've created a Guide that outlines a step by step proceedure to getting your Skyrim, 100% stable, and ready for modding. You can also see my mod list in which has giving me zero problems, bugs, and crashes, and all you have to do is follow the guide, and while it can seem like a daunting task with some of these tools and what not, at the end of it, you will have no more problems.

Even my friends, new to Skyrim, Modding, have listened to me and they play Skyrim problem free, and don't understand how other people still somehow have problems. So I have a lot of experience and I've helped more than a few people, some being friends like I said, so now I've written a guide for the rest of you to follow.

So, enjoy.