Draconic Bloodline by RavenDier
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Added: 22/02/2014 - 06:04PM
Updated: 02/04/2017 - 04:52PM

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Dont like the screenshot? Supertin makes us a wonderful clip for the new stuff, enjoy it.
1.10 Update(New)
Add a new heavy amor set, need Ebony Craft perk, and you can no longer forge these clothes/armor anywhere. You need the book which I'd named "Draconic Bloodline", read the book to craft all these items. A guide quest will automatically start, finish it then the book will work properly.
Please always bakup your save first

As you can see v1.10 do not have a regular version, because the workload is simply unbearable and I'm sure you are tried waiting :)

This MOD adds new armors and clothes --with HDT physics extensions supported-- for female character only.

I plan on adding more. If you like my MODs, track this one, because for a long time in the future I will keep updating this one instead of releasing new MOD.


SKSE 1.6.16 (For HDT)
CBBE V3 (Or you will get body texture seams. In theory you won't get CTD if you use other body mod, just some ugly seams, )
HDT Physics Extensions

V1.10 add a guide quest, now we can do this in a more lore-friendly and easy way.

How to get these items <== Click Me

Feel free to use this MOD, you want make a convert or add this armor&clothes in your MOD? There is not need ask for my permission, a credit in the description is enough.

Please try not to upload this MOD to other website, HDT is something new, I need to get as many feedbacks as possible to understand all its aspects.


Bethesda ............ You guys are the best, almost as good as Black Isle Studios, almost.
Nexusmods ........... The best MODs community I've ever see.
HydrogensaysHDT ..... For the brilliant HDT Physics Extension!!
genzoman ............ The leather armor set is base on his/her painting, I made some changes.
竜崎いち............. I modelled sanguine armor set base on his/her "黒キング", well maybe I'm not good enough to restore the whole concept, but it's pretty heavy armor, I think?
Azi Dahaka.......... The "BloodDragon" is base on his/her art, now you know who's the real artist :)
lantingsama ......... The Robe is base on his/her painting, I made some changes.
Canderes509 ......... For the tutorial, it really helps me a lot.
Caliente ............ How could I live without CBBE?
Dimon99 ............ For the UNP Body
XP32 ................ For the skeleton, fantastic MOD.
kjj92 ................. For the background image, everybody is a screenshot artist except me right? :([/size]