Wilbur Asskettle - A simple Follower by Grogboff
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"He was once one of the BEST warriors in the whole of Tamriel. Now, he is a sell-sword helping out anyway possible. Trained in the art of close quarter combat, he can demolish any foe that stands before him. He can also be rather handy with a bow and some arrows."

After the Oblivion crisis, Wilbur decided that his hometown brought back to many horrible memories and caused him many a nightmare. After a short farewell to his family, he fled to Skyrim, where he settled down in Whiterun, selling his skills to anyone he likes the look of, or has the correct sum of money at hand.

Wilbur is a simple companion found in Whiterun around the annoying Talos guy (I put him there on purpose) and can be hired for a small sum of nothing. He comes along with his own set of Ebony armor of which he will equip upon you making him your follower (if he does not, then open is inventory and remove one piece and he should wear it then just give him back the piece you took) and you only require to give him some sort of weapon for him to demolish his foes.

Where did the idea come from?Simple answer to this. Sims 3. It may sound stupid, but my internet was down so I started playing Sims 3 with my sister and that is what the character got named.

What is still to be added?1) QUEST! That is the most important part - so that you must do something to get him.2) Custom voice - I will attempt to do this - help will/may be required - Contact me :)3) Other stuff...