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Thank you for viewing my mod! After a hard strugle I finally made it to the Nexus mod section. My first mod for Skyrim ever!!
I have a bigger history of modding, I modded on the Source Engine & worked on different engines like the Unity Engine and Unreal Development Kit. Yet the Creation Kit and the tools that comes with the Creation Kit are still very new for me.


"Innos is the first and highest god. He created the Sun and the World. He commandes Light and the Fire, his gifts to hummanity. He is law and justice. His priests are the Magicians of Fire. The paladins are his warriors." - A Gothic Tale,
Inspired by the game series Gothic, made by Piranha Bytes I managed to make this mod. I already made this model years back, so it was only a
issue to compile it for Skyrim.

Version log

■ v1.0
- Fixed Unwrap UVW
- Fixed High Polygon model

■ v1.1
- Fixed "need vertices, normals, texture coordinates and faces to calculate tangents and binormals" NifSkope error
- Fixed the no-textures glitch
- Fixed the "could not load texture data for UV editor." NifSkope error

■ 1.2
- Fixed "could not complete your request because of a problem with the file-format module interface" DDS plugin for Photoshop
- Released & Published mod on Nexus mod

■ 1.3 Released!
- Changed cubemaps
- Added two-handed Wrath
- Fixed overkill specular mapping on one-handed Wrath
- Fixed the Wrath removing himself out of the item inventory on older Skryim versions
- Nerf damage & valua
- Buff swing speed, weight & critical damage

■ 1.4
- Fixing the small two-handed preview in item inventory and smithing inventory

Unofficial Credits

Piranha Bytes - inspiration for model & original textures
3Ds Max Autodesk - 3D modeling software
NifTools - NifTools
Adobe CS5 Photoshop - Photoshop

Coming soon:


- The Wrath of Innos, based from the game Arcania, is downloadable for Skyrim. It is now available in both one handed and two handed version!

- The Setarrif armor, based on the game Arcania, will come in three types of armor sets (leather, heavy and light weight), contains two types of helmets (leather and plate) and will come with one wooden shield. Release date: April 2014.

- The Sawtooth Cutlass is still a very handy tool for the jungle, it can be seen in movies and is also used in the game Assassins Creed III. Release date: May 2014

- Armour, weapons and NPC! There is more coming soon!