Silver Dawnbreaker by Walker
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Added: 21/02/2014 - 02:01PM
Updated: 22/02/2014 - 02:45PM

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Last updated at 14:45, 22 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 14:01, 21 Feb 2014

The original file was the wrong one and didn't have the silver script. Oops. I uploaded the correct file and you now have FIVE versions to choose from:
1.1 - Normal version, as described below.
1.1a - Silver perk only, no smithing or enchantment mods.
1.1b - Smithable only, no silver perk, no enchantment mods, just lets Daedric Smithing improve it twice as much.
1.1c - Silver perk and smithing, but no enchantment changes.
1.0 - Original version, no silver perk, just smithing and enchantment mods.

Note that this mod changes no models or textures and shouldn't conflict with any that do unless they also change stats.

Full Description:
I was disappointed to find silver weapons (especially with the Fiery Souls enchantment) were still better against undead than Dawnbreaker except in just the right circumstances, so I fixed that by giving Dawnbreaker the silver perk that increases base damage by 20 when attacking undead. It should also increase the damage for vampires who use it, just like with the silver swords (which is why all the vamps in Dawnguard carry silver). It does NOT prevent the Dawnbreaker enchantment from affecting a vampire Dragonborn--so use with caution, bloodsuckers!

The other problem with Dawnbreaker is that keeping it charged is annoying, while a decent weapon with Fiery Souls probably does more damage, lasts longer, AND collects souls for enchanting and recharging. So while I was at it, I made Dawnbreaker a bit better overall by allowing the Daedric Smithing perk to improve it twice as much, and switched the fire enchantment to be the same as the one in the Fiery Souls enchantment, so the charge will last basically forever, now. It doesn't collect souls, though. That would be excessive.

Unlike a lot of Dawnbreaker mods, this one does NOT require Dawnguard, just the latest vanilla Skyrim.

This mod should not conflict with any texture or replacer mods so long as they don't also change the stats. It will, of course, conflict with any other mods that change Dawnbreaker's stats, like the Daedric Artifact overhauls.

Put the .esm in your data folder and activate with your favorite mod manager.

Let me know of any issues or bugs, but there shouldn't be any, these are very minor tweaks.