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Craft and Decorate Shields

Next Update: 71% Complete.

So originally I simply planned on adding one or two more shields to the game, but while I was going through the textures BSA I noticed that a land of war, that has a history for pride in war, does not have that many painted shields. Sure you have the city shields that have the sigil of the city or area that you are in, but what I wanted to see is the kinds of shields that you'd see a warrior flaunting.

The base armour rating of all light shields that are added with this mod is 19, which is slightly better than the guard shields, while not making them over-powered. The base armour rating of the heavy shields is 23. Please be aware that these are the base stats, and obviously things like light/heavy armour proficiency are not taken into account with their base values. Also, as a notice. In the next update for this mod, the armour ratings for all shields will be more varied, making them have their weaknesses and strengths.

Current Shields:
Light Shields
* Basic Light Shield
* Black Paint Light Shield
* Blood Claw Light Shield
* Stained Light Shield
* Warpainted Light Shield
* Spriggan Light Shield
* Warrior Light Shield

Heavy Shields
* Basic Heavy Shield
* Black Paint Heavy Shield
* Blood Claw Heavy Shield
* Stained Heavy Shield
* Warpainted Heavy Shield
* Spriggan Heavy Shield
* Warrior Heavy Shield

Work in Progress Stuff:
* Guild and Faction Shields (Coming next update.)
* Craftable City Shields (This will be an optional extension.)
* Giving Specific NPCs the New Shields
* Adding Shields to Leveled and Vendor Lists
* Adding Tempering Recipes, Allowing You to Improve Them
* More Shields (Coming every update.)

Comments and Constructive Criticism:
If you have any ideas of what you think should happen next with this mod, I'd be happy to read them. Just list them in the comments. Constructive criticism is welcomed. And I mean constructive, not "internet constructive" criticism where you simply moan about everything you don't like and never list any possible improvements that could be made.