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Jon Battle-Born is a cool guy. Mellow and wise despite hailing from a family of Empire Toe-Lickers, he seems to have a well rounded view on life. To be both mellow and wise my friend, that there is something to strive for!

All in all, a great guy to drink some mead with, maybe even go on a few dungeon crawls...a little male bonding is a good thing! Sure, he has this "thing" for that Graymane girl, but a few drinks and some good conversation might just change his mind.

"I love a good sword fight as much as the next man, but there's more to life."

"May your sword be sharp, and your tongue sharper."

Swords, it hot in here, or what?

I always wanted there to be more going on with Jon's character. He's one of the first interesting Whiterun Residents that you will you meet and he has an interesting family along with a Montague and Capule type romantic situation going on in the background.

So, I searched for mods that would get Jon more involved in my game, I didn't find much that appealed to me. On Steam, I ran across a mod titled: Jon Battle-Born Companion/Hearthfire Steward (DOES NOT REQUIRE HEARTHFIRE!!!) by UniversalGameplay. ( Yeah, it rolls off the tongue, eh? )

After looking at UniversalGameplay's changes to Jon's record, I figured I could make my own edits for other simple changes in keeping with my own particular goals for Jon in mind.

I didn't want to change Jon overly much, just enough to make him a reliable follower for the widest variety of play-styles, these changes are as follows:

- Morality: He won't report you for crimes. ( I debated having him ignore everything but attacks on "innocent" people but to be honest that might be irritating for some players. )

- Marriage: He is eligible for Marriage ( You need to have spoken to Maramal about marriage, and you need to wear an Amulet of Mara. )

- Mood: Cocky :)

- Stats: Jon Battle-Born will level with the Player, he uses the default combat package but I find him to be hugely versatile ( ranged, staffs, 2H, 1H melee, etc )

- Level: No level cap

- Gift: Occasionally Charitable when the mood strikes him

- Essential: My reasoning is that if you like Jon as a Follower you won't want to have him killed off accidentally or in a big fight.


But, keep this in mind, if you manage to get in a fight with him prior to making him your buddy...well he won't be dying in that fight. I stress this because there is a quest where you could potentially ( if you are an especially inept pickpocketer ) cause him to attack you if caught. Obviously, there are other ways you could piss him off prior to follower-ship, but you get the point.

Additionally, the quest involving Jon Battle-Born is an optional solution branch of the Quest Missing in Action. For best results, you should do the first steps of that quest before bringing Jon into your life. ( You can install the ESP, just don't make Jon Battle-Born a follower until you get some real information on a certain missing Greymane. ) The bonus to this is that you can give Jon his personal property ( assuming you took it ) back after you cruelly blackmail the poor lovesick, star-crossed lover Nord, ( Olfina Gray-Mane is a bit of a hussy anyways, Jon's better off with you exploring the world together )

UPDATE: Actually, having Jon as a Follower prior to starting or advancing the Missing in Action Quest is perfectly alright. Perhaps while innocently rummaging through Jon's bag's to borrow his shaving kit, you may run into a certain letter...if you confront Jon about the letter with the MIA quest active...everything will work properly.

I highly suggest that you do this while in Whiterun! Otherwise, you may have to wait while Jon travels all the way back to Whiterun from your location to retrieve the information you are asking for... Jon will do all the steps just like he would if he wasn't a follower, let it play out as normal. I always give Jon back his letter after, just to be nice. :)


Additional Details:

No requirements other than Skyrim.esm and Update.esm
Load Order: plop Jon's esp file after or among your other follower type mods.
Conflicts: well if you have another mod that alters Jon Battle-Born's records...if it is an appearance changing mod try fiddling around with your load order, see what you see.
Bugs: Well, none I am aware of, I didn't fat finger any thing while editing Jon's record. The marriage portion of the mod should work fine with Jon's default voice type, something I'd be loathe to change.


- Extensible Follower Framework by Expired ( release version ) is awesome for trouble free followers, but any other good follower management mod should be fine

- The Return of Thorald GreyMane-Now A Fully Voiced-Standalone Male Companion by rhowington
How can you resist? Jon and Thorald battling alongside you! Obviously, my simple edits are nothing compared to the exemplary and worthy work of Rhowington.

- Better males - Beautiful nudes and faces - New hairstyles by Chris57 and FavoredSoul
Don't be afraid of beautiful men, unless that's your thing.

Future Plans:
I will look into polishing up some details and tid-bits. For example, currently Jon has no Assigned Bed in the whole of the Game World, poor guy!

My understanding is that without a bed ownership entry there won't be any Lover's Comfort Buff if you, umm...marry the delightful Jon. I have not verified this myself. But considering the guy is so tired from having no bed and fighting baddies with you, who can blame him if he can't "comfort" you. He has needs too, you know?

Lastly, there's a certain letter Jon has written to that hussy in the Bannered Mare. The letter exists in the data files but not present in the game world.

Presumably the letter could also be a trigger for the Missing in Action portion of the quest. Maybe that letter could end up on a dead courier? Or perhaps, better yet, left momentarily forgotten in a quiet corner of the Bannered Mare? Misplaced by a busy blonde...