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Automatically recharges the currently equipped weapons.

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About Mod

This mod allows player and followers to automatically recharge equipped enchanted weapons in-combat / out of combat.


  • Automatically recharges empty weapons when they are equipped and when they are being used.
  • Overcharges the weapon utilizing the complete soul available.
  • Gives the same amount of Enchanting EXP as manual recharging.
  • Allows player/followers to NOT consume soul gems after being used for recharging.
  • Configurable via MCM.


1. You need to have filled soul gems in your inventory.
2. One soul gem will be used at a time.
3. Soul gems will get used in the following order :

  • Petty Soul Gem (Petty)
  • Lesser Soul Gem (Lesser)
  • Common Soul Gem (Common)
  • Greater Soul Gem (Greater)
  • Grand Soul Gem (Grand)
  • Black Soul Gem (Grand)

4. Soul gems with different sized souls are not supported. Black Star and Azura's Star are not supported either.
5. Maximum of 5 followers are supported.


1. Download the updated files and overwrite with the existing files.


1. Disable "Enable AutoRechargeWeapons" from Mod Configuration Menu then close the menu OR type "stopquest tpARWQuest" in console. Save your game.
2. Deactivate mod and delete it.

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