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Version 2.0 Now 100% Compatible with Simple Taxes!  

To enable "taxes" for each house you must read the the Deed Letter that you purchase. This will add a "Houses Owned" in the stats menu. 

If you are looking for some nice Role Playing house mods then check out Svadas' Role Playing Abodes
If you are a fan of Elysium Estate and would a like a Deed to that property try my new mod out
Estate Agents -Elysium Estate

I am a huge fan of Mod Houses, Estates, Castles etc. but with most of these, you can not purchase.
I often play as poor peasant working their way to buying a nice property, and when I find that perfect house mod, most often there is no way of buying them just walk in the door and yours, and for me this feels a bit like cheating. So this way you can "buy" the abode.

So once you have found that perfect "free" house mod, go to any of the General Goods merchants in any of the major cities, and buy an appropriate deed for that property. There are 3 different types of deeds, Noble, Upper, Common. It is up to you on what you want to spend, want to buy a castle with a Commoner Deed sure, I don't mind it's your playthru.

This mod has no requirements except for the most updated game (update.esm must be enabled)

This mod makes no changes to game except for adding 3 different types of deeds (letters) to major city General Goods vendors. . Cleaned with TES5edit.

Here is a breakdown of the costs:

Base Prices (these prices are only available if you have all speech perks and investments)

Commoner - 2,000

Upper Class 5,000

Noble 10,000

Unmodded Game

Commoner Property with Vanilla Level 1 character 5,040

Upper Class Property with Vanilla Level 1 Character 15,200

Noble Property with Vanilla Level 1 Character 30,400

Modded Game with all DLC's (prices may vary depending on what type of mods you have enabled)

Commoner Property with all DLC's and Requiem - Hard Times Level 1 character 3,800

Upper Class Property with all DLC's and Requiem - Hard Times Level 1 Character 19,000

Noble Property with all DLC's and Requiem - Hard Times Level 1 Character 38,000

So depending on your level and speech perk level (or mod) the prices will reduce as you level up.

*Tip - if prices are are too high for you try using spell books, rings, potions, amulets etc. that increase speech level just before you buy.

*user Oxytwist, asked me some great questions, so I am using their questions as my F.A.Q

Hey all of your questions are great.

Ok let me answer them in the same order you asked.

"Say I see the Asteria the famous ship mod.
Laying in the water.
Where can I buy the deed. The Asteria get's a buy sign I have to click on and pay the money?"

You can buy a Noble, Upper, and Common Property Deeds, from ANY General Goods merchant (Vanilla Only) they have a bout 5 of each property notes so a total of 15 per merchant. No sign to click to buy.

"The door / way to the ship is closed to that I don't get in and take it anyway? Or have I open it now with the key I get with the deed?"

No Keys, other than what the original mod author of the House/Property provided. Most mod houses are free but I did not want change/edit the mod authors original idea. I made this because there is so much money to be made in Skyrim, and I feel like I have earned the house more if I "buy" it. This more about immersion. So even if the house is free you have a Note that "says" you own it.

And if I don't like the house, can I sell the house back? To whom?

Yes, you can sell it back to the same General Goods Merchant you bought it from, or any merchant who buys notes, and books; for less of course depending on your Speech Perk. (even if you uninstall the house mod)

And what about other houses. The people go away after I bought the deed? Isn't it quest breaking?
And the Items do they get my ownership after I have the deed?
Or I am still a thief while I have bought the deed.

Ok this answer will be trickier. First off my mod makes no changes to the game AT ALL, it just allows you to by a note that says you own a Noble, Upper, or Common property, these notes are NOT named for any particular property, It's just a NOTE. So even if you buy a house in Whiterun, if someone still lives in it, they might get mad. If you kill a Quest NPC for their house it might cause issues, but there are ways around this (see below)

For example: Some mods make it so even some essential NPC's can die (Dawngaurd does this with Vampire attacks) Occasionally you will run across a named NPC who has been killed, and they have their house key on them, you can use this to open their house, but it's contents will still have the stolen tag on them. (you can use console command: SETOWNERSHIP to remove the stolen flag)

There WAS a great mod called Owned, that allowed you take ownership of any contents of a dead NPC's property i.e. their named house/store contents, but it seems to be gone from Nexus , I may try and contact the original mod and see if I can upload it it myself (I still have a copy).

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