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This mod adds a form of magery that allows a mage to gain power through the shedding of their own blood.

How to Start:

When this mod loads, your character will be 1 XP away from the first level (and the first perk) of a Blood Mage. You can earn that XP (and many more as you level) by doing one of the following:
1) Cast the spell Equilibrium that you earn from the Labyrinthian quest of the Mage's College.
2) Cast the vampire spell Vampiric Drain. This detects from Keyword rather than specific spells, so it is compatible with vampire overhauls that include the right Keyword.
3) Have a Vampire "Necks Bitten" count of one or more (if you've been a Vampire for some time, you may level up several times).

Once you've gained a Blood Mage level, you'll be informed of that fact by a message in the upper left corner of the screen, along with the fact that you've gained a [Blood Mage] Perk.

To spend your perk, look in your Powers menu and cast [Blood Mage] Perk Tree, a lesser power that's linked to your voice. This will open up your Perk menu, which is very similar to the crafting menu.

Initially, there will only be two options: [Blood Mage] Wisdom In Pain and [Uninstall] Blood Magery. I personally recommend selecting Wisdom in Pain.

If you are a Vampire (global PlayerIsVampire = 1), an additional [Blood Mage] Enhanced Vampiric Drain is also available.

Paths to Power:

There are several paths of Blood Magery, and a mage can follow all or none of them at will. Each time a Blood Mage gains a Blood Mage Level, (s)he gains a Blood Mage perk, which can be spent on the abilities below. Each level costs 100 XP more to reach than the previous level.

Miscellaneous Path:
Wisdom In Pain: This allows a Blood Mage to gain 1 XP for every 100 points of damage that they take. That XP will apply to further Blood Mage levels, and unlock further perks.
Equilibrium: This constant-effect ability drains the mage's Health towards 50%, recharging Magicka at the same time. The rate per second is equal to the Blood Mage Level. Prerequisite: Wisdom in Pain.
Enhanced Vampiric Drain: Each level of this ability increases the damage of the Vampiric Drain spells by 100%, maximum of three levels (4x damage). Prerequisite: is a Vampire.

Daedric Path:
These abilities focus on dealing damage to the Blood Mage's enemies
Hemorrhage: This Destruction spell allows a Blood Mage to directly damage their victim's health. The damage of this spell increases dramatically the closer the Blood Mage is to death. Prerequisite: Wisdom in Pain (Misc).
Hemorrhage (+20%) This perk can be selected a maximum of five times. Each time it is selected, it increases the mage's Hemorrhage damage. Prerequisite: Hemorrhage (Daedric).
Resist Poison: Provides the Blood Mage with 80% resistance to Poison. Prerequisite: Tolerance I (Orcish), not a Vampire.
Retaliation: This perk allows a Blood Mage to store a single dose of Hemorrhagic poison in his/her own veins. This poison will be released when the mage is struck in melee combat. The dose takes 5 minutes to recharge. Prerequisite: Hemorrhage (Daedric) and Resist Poison (Orcish) or is a Vampire.
Retaliation Doses (+1): This increases the maximum number of doses that a Blood Mage can store. Prerequisite: Retaliation (Daedric).
Retaliation Time (-30 seconds): This perk may be selected a maximum of eight times. Each time, it reduces the recharge time for the Mage's doses by 30 seconds. This will eventually reduce the recharge time to 60 seconds. Prerequisite: Retaliation Doses +1 (twice).
Secrete: This Restoration spell allows a mage to extract a dose of venom from their veins which can later be applied to a weapon. Prerequisite: Retaliation (Daedric).
Shared Retaliation: This perk allows the mage's Bonded Comrade to also trigger the Retaliation ability when struck. The mage and the comrade share a dose pool and recharge. Prerequsite: Shared Pain (Imperial) and Retaliation (Daedric).
Toxic Blood: This restoration spell allows Blood Mages to toxify their own blood, dealing irresistible damage to themselves, but recharging a dose of their Retaliation poison.

Elven Path:
Many Elves have followers, companions or familiars with whom they share a very close bond.
MP +10: Increase the Mage's base Magicka by 10. Prerequisite: Wisdom in Pain (Misc).
Shared Pain: This perk adds a Restoration spell: [Blood Mage] Blood Bond. This spell, when cast on an Actor, creates a link between the mage and the Bonded comrade. Thereafter, the mage will slowly sacrifice their health at a rate of [Blood Mage Level] points per second to keep the comrade above 75% Health. This ability will not trigger when the mage is below 50% Health. Prerequisite: Equilibrium (Misc).
Shared Wisdom: This perk allows a Blood Mage to gain a little bit of Blood Mage XP each time their comrade is struck. Prerequisite: Shared Pain (Elven).
Shared Blessings: This perk allows a Blood Mage to simultaneously target their comrade whenever they cast certain beneficial spells. This includes the Illusion-buff spells, and many Restoration and Alteration buff spells. With the exception of the Illusion spells (which don't have Keywords), this is triggered by spell Keywords, so it has the potential to be compatible with other modders' custom spells. Prerequisite: Shared Wisdom (Elven).
Blood Brother: This allows the flow of health to reverse when the Blood Mage is near to death and the Comrade is not. Prerequisite: Shared Pain (Elven).

Imperial Path:
The Empire uses its Battle Mages to strong effect on the battlefield.
Bloody Power I-III: Each level increases the magnitude of spells of any school cast by the Blood Mage as (s)he nears death. Prerequisite: Wisdom In Pain (Misc).
Bloody Thrift I-III: Each level decreases the cost of spells of any school cast by the Blood Mage as (s)he nears death. Prerequisite: Wisdom In Pain (Misc).
Sacrificial Wrath: This Destruction spell allows a Blood Mage to sacrifice 50% of their health in order to increase the magnitude of their next spell by 100%. Prerequisite: Bloody Power I (Imperial).

Orcish Path:
These abilities focus on surviving damage.
HP +10: Increase the Mage's base Hit Points by 10. Prerequisite: Wisdom in Pain (Misc).
Tolerance I-II: Gives the mage 10% or 20% resistance to incoming damage. Prerequisite: Wisdom in Pain (Misc).
Bloody Regeneration I-III: Each level increases the Mage's hit point gain as (s)he nears death. Prerequisite: Tolerance I (Orcish).
Bloody Determination I-III: Each level increases the Mage's Armor Class as (s)he nears death. Prerequisite: Wisdom In Pain (Misc)
Bloody Savagery I-III: Each level increases the Mage's physical damage as (s)he nears death. Prerequisite: Wisdom In Pain (Misc)
Blood for Breath: The Blood Mage's Equilibrium ability can also recharge Stamina. Prerequisite: Equilibrium (Misc)


Skyrim, Update, Dawnguard, Hearthfires, Dragonborn


This mod was inspired by the Blood Magus class from Dungeons and Dragons v3.5 as described in the book "Complete Arcane". Beyond the inspiration, the implementation of the mod is my own.