Clocks of Skyrim by Malachy
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Added: 19/02/2014 - 11:36AM
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This mod adds various clocks which may be purchased and placed in any desired location. Currently, clocks are only sold by Lucan Valerius of the Riverwood Trader. A clock is placed by first dropping it, and then activating it once positioned in the desired location. An unplaced clock my be taken, instead of confirming its position, by activating it while sneaking. Once placed, the clock will tick, chime, and even display the correct time (regardless of time scale) via real-time updating hands. Activating a placed clock will show the current time via a notification. If sneaking while activating, a menu will be shown facilitating toggling of ticking or chiming for that specific clock. To take a placed clock, grab it. There are several settings available via MCM which are toggling of ticking/chiming and selecting 12-hour or 24-hour time format (used when the current time is shown via a notification).

In order to facilitate easier placement of clocks, a mod such as 'Decorator Assistant' ( is recommended.

This mod uses object deletion when appropriate to avoid save game bloat.

Due to an engine limitation outside my control, all meshes had to be oriented so that the hands could be rotated about the z-axis. As a result, all clocks will have their face pointing upward when dropped, which can sometimes be inconvenient.