Field Hand Clothes 7B Cleavage BBP by Foster
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Added: 19/02/2014 - 02:41AM
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Last updated at 2:27, 19 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 2:41, 19 Feb 2014

Tired of harvesting your crops while wearing steel plate armor?

Sick of mining ore in a 100 pound set of orcish armor?

This mod adds a new set of clothing custom taliored for hard working folks.

Craftable at any tanning rack, no armor protection, purely clothing. Wear around town, at the mines, the lumber mill, or anywhere else.

This mod features BBP (or whatever it's called....the boobs bounce, that's all I know) so XP32 Maximum Skeleton is required. Base body is built from SevenBase body replacer, which is also required. CTD will occur if you do not install XP32 Maximum Skeleton.

Please post any feedback in comments section. And feel free to check out my other mods.