Better Dwemer Spider Textures by Naitrii
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Added: 18/02/2014 - 10:31PM
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Better Dwemer Spider Textures

Get your Dwemer Spiders ready for their closeups with these brilliant and astounding new textures, built from the ground up from top-quality Dwarven Ingots and entirely too many Photoshop layers. Guaranteed to improve spider productivity by up to 42 percent! *

The vanilla Dwemer Spider texture is surprisingly scruffy, but it has served its purpose fairly well. In part, I think that's due to the spiders generally being found in dimly-lit locations.

Here's a clip kindly shared by Brodual with lots of before-and-after comparisons:

I have added a few new details in areas that seemed to be needlessly plain, and the gemstone has been changed to more closely resemble a Soul Gem. The Dwemer animunculi seem to always use those as components. There's a few less-than-wonderful parts of the model that I didn't address as they would require reworking the mesh and its UV map.

The textures are available in three resolutions, choose the one that suits your system's capabilities and your mechanical spider-quality needs:
2048-pixel pack: 25Mb
4096-pixel pack: 34Mb
4096-pixel uncompressed: 213Mb


Use the mod manager of your choice, or simply drop the data folder and its contents into your Skyrim main directory, choosing 'replace' if neccesary.

Credits for some of the metal and patina layers.


You are free to alter and redistribute these textures in any way you see fit. Please credit me for my work in any re-use of them.

* Results may vary. Harmful if swallowed. Product will be hot after heating. May contain small parts.