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Aren't you tired of generic katanas? What are you even talking about!? Of course you are!

This mod is an attempt at creating a more original katana, but it also includes a new armor set that goes nice with the sword: white thalmor robes with enchantments that are useful to all classes.

It's also worth mentioning that this mod adds a small dungeon as well as a quest, so obtaining the sword is a little more interesting than simply crafting it, buying it, finding it laying on the ground, or cheating it into the game... but, if this sounds unappealing to you, then there's a "no dungeon" version that you can use.

Reviews / showcases (because these things need their own category)

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Acquisition (also known as, HOW DO I GET IT?)

Through killing a boss (Primary method):
Start "The Legendary Blade" quest by either buying the "Imitation of a Legendary Blade" from Ulfberth (the shop owner of Warmaiden's in Whiterun), or by entering the Timeless Dungeon (assuming you know where the entrance is), after which you will have to follow the quest objectives to find Alidax the Timeless Ruler of Abyss.

He carries two Tear of Abyss katanas and the whole Timeless armor set, and there's also a chest behind his chair, in which you should find two shorter versions, as well as a two-handed version of the Tear of Abyss katana.
I said "you should find" instead of "you will find" because Alidax will sometimes steal stuff from said chest, so be sure to always check his dead corpse.

Through buying (Secondary method):
This REQUIRES that you download the "Tear of Abyss no dungeon" version of this mod, in which you will be able to purchase the katanas as well as the whole armor set directly from Ulfberth.
I repeat, this method doesn't exist in the default version of this mod, and the prices are extremely high for average players.

Through crafting:
You can create replicas at the forge through the Daedric category, those replicas will have no enchantments, but the stats will be the same as their original counterparts.

Through cheating:
Open the console by pressing the ~ key located below Esc, and type this:
help "tear of abyss"
Now look for a line that says:
WEAP: (8digitcode) 'Tear of Abyss'
In my case, the 8digitcode is 2B000D63, so this is what I will have to type:
player.additem 2B000D63 1
In case you followed my instructions correctly, you should now have the weapon, and if you want the armor set, you'll need to type:
help timeless
And repeat the "player.additem" process 4 times with each armor piece.


1>Unzip the archive inside Skyrim's Data folder
2>Start "SkyrimLauncher"
3>Click on "Data Files" within the menu that pops up (this causes the game to load the mod automatically)


Nothing, or so I hope.

Item Details

Note: Replicas aren't included in this list because they have the same stats as their original counterparts, except that they aren't enchanted.

Tear of Abyss:
16 Damage (Daedric sword has 14), and it ignores normal weapon resistance
1.2 Attack speed (Normal is 1.0)
1.0 Reach (Normal is 1.0, nothing special here)
Has one enchantment, but it does two things: staggers opponents and traps their soul

Tear of Abyss 2H:
26 Damage (Daedric greatsword has 24), and it ignores normal weapon resistance
1.1 Attack speed (Normal is 0.7)
1.3 Reach (Normal is 1.3, nothing special here)
Has one enchantment, but it does two things: staggers opponents and traps their soul

Tear of Abyss Short Sword:
13 Damage (Daedric dagger has 11), and it ignores normal weapon resistance
1.4 Attack speed (Normal is 1.3)
0.8 Reach (Normal is 0.7)
Has one enchantment, but it does two things: staggers opponents and traps their soul

Immitation of a Legendary Sword:
14 Damage
1.0 Attack Speed
1.0 Reach
No enchantment/s

Timeless Hood:
Pulsing life detection while your weapon is drawn
20 Armor (Daedric helmet has 23)

Timeless Robes:
Magicka regenerates 300% faster
40 Armor (Daedric cuirass has 49)

Timeless Gloves:
x4 damage while sprinting (use forward charge attack while sprinting to benefit from this.)
15 Armor (Daedric gauntlets have 18)

Timeless Boots:
Perfect sneaking (makes you invisible, muffles you, and sets your sneaking attribute to max while sneaking.)
15 Armor (Daedric boots have 18)

Copyright or whatever

You can use my work as long as you credit me, like, you know, there must be something letting people know that I am the original creator, that's all I'm asking.