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What is this mod?
- Godzilla The Follower mod is a mod that adds two followers to Skyrim who are both Argonians and larger than the player. The normal version is 1.5 times the player's height and Superhugetastic version is 2 times the player's height. They both wear scaled armor, carry a Skyforge Steel sword, have the ability to shout, and they specialize in one handed, block, and light armor. The normal version can be found at Dead Man's Drink in Falkreath and the Superhugetastic version can be found wandering Falkreath.

Known Bugs: (If you know how to fix any of these bugs, please post a solution in the comments)
- A slight neck seam
- Superhugetastic version can only be talked to when looking at his waist or legs
- They both shrink to normal size when they try to interact with things like benches, alchemy stations, etc.
- It is currently impossible to make Superhugetastic version larger than 2 times the player's size because it prohibits the player from initiating dialogue and therefore he would not be able to follow you.

- Version 1.3
- Changed Normal version from 1.4 times the player's height to 1.5 times the player's height.
- Added Superhugetastic version which is 2 times the player's height.
- Version 1.2
- Removed Alduin's Storm Shout.
- Version 1.1
- Lowered aggressiveness.
- Version 1.0
- Initial release.

Possible Future Plans:
- Create a quest to go along with Godzilla
- Add a version named "Gojira"
- Make Godzilla an independent race instead of using Argonians.