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Adds a small, single-adventurer home to the world of Skyrim.

Permissions and credits

By RealitySpectre, SpectreOfReality, or SOR (any of these screen names will point to me somewhere or another)

This mod adds a lore-friendly player cottage located off the beaten path, features a full smithy with all the fixings, a main living area with custom enchanting area by the desk, as well as sleeping area and cooking area. Also has a wine-cellar accessible by rolling up the rug in the study and sliding back the stone floor panel. The wine cellar features a custom alchemy table and secret armory hidden behind the panel (activated by button on the cabinet) with the hanging wine glasses. Armory features weapon racks, mannequins and weapon plaques

If you HAVE installed the General Displays dependent version:

All the same features as the regular version just with added support for general displays. The interactive displays currently implemented are: Dragon claws, Dragon priest masks, Bug jars, Divine amulets, Hold shields, and the three custom collectible helms, The mask of Clavicus vile, Visage of Mzund, and the Helm of Yngol

Fully navmeshed
TESV Cleaned
I Dont know how followers will act as I designed it for myself and I do not use followers

>>>>>>READ THE README<<<<<<

For those updating from previous version, you should remove items from house or they MAY be lost before you update

Recommended to use NMM

Step 1: Decide if you want the vanilla or general displays version of this mod, it can be found HERE. If you decide to use vanilla go to step 2. If you decide on general displays then install that mod first!

Step 2: Install the main DATA file, then select the .esp option you would like, either vanilla or general displays(remember you need general displays first!) and install

Step 3: Enjoy! And if you enjoy leave a comment or endorse!

For manual install, download the main resource file, then the .esp or your choice and place in your skyrim data folder

See the pictures section for the home location!

See the pictures section for display locations in the home!

I made this mod cause' although there are many great house mods out there, none seemed cool or original enough to suit me. I wanted a home with the atmosphere of more "eye candy" based house mods, combined with the function of others. I was never a fan of large wide open spaced "manor' style homes with bleak lighting and a million mannequins. So I decided to create something a little smaller and cozy/immersive/fantasyesque to suit my taste.

vb1.0: original release

vb1.1: Second release. Replaces textures that were causing some users to have purple texture displays in some parts of the home. Also tweaked some specular maps, added sandbox idle animations to more areas, and placed a collision box over small area that allowed the player to become stuck at times.

vb1.2: Third release.
Added two seperate versions.
Tweaked the ticking clock sound to be a little less annoying. Small navmesh edit to solve misbehaving mannequin. Added more comprehensive readme.

vb1.3: Fourth release.
Tweaks to mod to make file size significantly smaller. Optimized textures, changed a few textures that didnt look very good. Added a path to the cottage among various other "eye candy" tweaks.
Fixed secret door in wine cellar to not have a activate option. Should be much, much easier on computer memory
Tweaked general displays version a little to be more intuitive.

Latest Version of skyrim
If you use the General Displays .esp then obviously you need to install general displays first ;P
All DLCS (both versions of my .esp require this, so if you dont have all the dlcs then this mod wont work)
(Yes I know... but thats just how it is)

Insanity Sorrow for all the great resources
Stroti for the tools, kitchen resource
Ithlia for ideas and inspiration
DarkRider for meshes
Blary for his superb resource packs
Runspect for converting the models to skyrim so us modders can use his resources
Meo's Globes
Lilith for the sacks and basket meshes
Artisanix for the paintings
Oaristys for the well-done mesh resource pack (Very sorry for overlooking this credit)
izon87604 for taking the initiative to make the nice little intro vid
idomo3912 for taking the time to make a vid showing off the home
darkwolf for the reame generator

A huge general thank you for all the time, and effort put into making these resources so that modders like me can make use of them :)

Anyone I have forgotton please please, send me a PM so I can include you
This mod has been over a year of on-again off-again modding for me, so its possible I may have missed someone, I am only human after all :)

Thanks for viewing! Leave feedback, and if you enjoy, please endorse, kudos, whatever, its all the reward we poor modders get! :)