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05-07-2014: The B-Team follower compilation mod launches May 9th! B-team includes and will supersede my Anska, Heimskr, and Nazeem mods. An upgrade is not required but Anska, Heimskr, and Nazeem will be considered "finalized" as they are, and any further upgrades, changes and fixes to the NPCs will come through the B-team mod.

One thing I've never understood is how keen people are on making brand-new followers out of whole cloth when there are so many great NPCs already available in Skyrim who naturally lend themselves to it.

The best example of this is Anska - after a harrowing journey with her into the heart of a far northern barrow for a sealed scroll, the quest kind of peters out. She remains stuck in the barrow, forever mulling it over while dreaming of flame-broiling zombies. Anska Enhanced seeks to remedy this: it stabilizes her NPC record so she can be properly hired as a follower, and in the style of Heimskr Forever, switches appropriate dialog topics currently 'stuck' to Mjoll to work for the FemaleNord voicetype.

  • Comments as you travel, in a fashion suspiciously similar to Mjoll the Lioness!
  • A unique class and theme - Pyromancer! Fire spells a-plenty!
  • A unique face!

  • Q) What makes this better than just using a mod like Everyone is an Adventurer to turn the vanilla NPC into a follower?
  • A) EIAA is a fine mod, to be sure, but that mod and like functionality in other mods just kicks Anska into the requisite factions for following and gives her the right relationshiprank. My mod goes a step further by preserving the essence of her fiery personality as a follower, and adds a couple nifty bonuses on top of that.

  • Q) Do you take requests?
  • A) Maybe! That was how I got started on Nazeem. My vanilla follower picks are selected for a variety of reasons, mainly boiling down to how technically complex it would be to pluck them out of the game as a follower, and whether or not it makes sense for them to decide to go gallivanting about Skyrim with the Dragonborn. If you know an NPC you think would be a good candidate, drop me a line or post it as a comment!

  • Q) How do I get Anska to join me?
  • A) Go the High Gate Ruins east of Solitude. After finishing the quest a Scroll for Anska, ask her again about what the scroll says. She will be able to join you after giving her response.

  • Q) Anska already spawned, and has vanilla stats!
  • A) Skyrim is really weird about this sort of thing; sometimes waiting 2 days elsewhere will spawn the mod's version. The 'recycleactor' command might work, but it might also scramble her memory. If that doesn't work, use setlevel 1000 0 1 65535.

  • Q) I already completed her quest! Will she still join me?
  • A) Absolutely! The dialog topic that kicks her into the follower faction and adjusts her relationshiprank is independent of her quest - in fact it should still work even if you have modified her quest. Just ask her about her progress translating the scroll.

  • Q) Can I marry Anska?
  • A) Yes! Please note that she will become eligible for marriage at the same time she becomes a hire-able follower.

  • Q) Her face is really dirty and her hair is distinctly unfabulous! Can you upload a version with [INSERT HAIR MOD HERE]?
  • A) In making her a new face I wanted something that would reflect her personality while remaining similar to her 'canon' appearance. If you feel so inclined to change that - and even redistribute that change - more power to you. My mods are freely redistributable. If you're fine with the ragamuffin appearance but just need to change her hair, The Hairstyler mod will give you the tools you need to become Skyrim's Mad Barber.

  • Q) I was in a fight and Anska died! How come she isn't essential??
  • A) Essential status is for children and elves! Anska comes as protected by default - if she dies, it is because you were very clumsy at just the wrong moment. Watch your aim next time! And if you really must make her essential, there is a console command for that, and EFF for sure, but also possibly UFO and AFT, have functionality to turn her essential.

  • Primary Skill: Destruction
  • Secondary Skills: Alteration, Conjuration, Restoration
  • Tertiary Skills: Light Armor, One-Handed

  • Flames
  • Summon Flaming Familiar
  • Conjure Flame Atronach
  • Healing
  • Oakflesh
  • Firebolt
  • Fireball
  • Stoneflesh
  • Close Wounds
  • Flame Cloak
  • Ironflesh
  • Grand Healing

This mod modifies relatively little in the way of vanilla resources for what it is. However, it does modify some vanilla Dialog Topics - mainly to redirect some from being exclusive to Mjoll, who shares Anska's FemaleNord voicetype, to being global to the FemaleNord voicetype. I have done some testing with EFF and UFO, and it appears to work fine in spite of this. EFF users will want to use their unique version, using the version not enhanced for EFF will result in anomalous behavior.

Also note that the mod changes the dismissal dialogue for Mjoll - she will not mention going back to Riften. This was necessary due to the nature of the shared voicetype.

As a final note, also make sure that ANSKA ENHANCED.esp is loading *after* the plugins for EFF/UFO/AFT; it's possible she will still work but I can only guarantee she will work if her plugin is loading after those.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.