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A smarter version of Storm Call that only targets enemies, and has other improvements like wider radius and better accuracy.

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A Shout to the skies, a cry to the clouds, that awakens the destructive force of Skyrim's lightning.

10-year anniversary update: Skyrim Special Edition and Anniversary Edition version is here: Storm Wrath Lightning 2. I have also backported the mod to classic Skyrim with the new changes and fixed script.

There is is an optional compatibility patch for SkyRe, generously provided by Elementroar, however this was made for the 1.0 version of my mod.

What is This?

This mod is meant to improve the effects of the dragon shout, Storm Call, which summons lightning bolts from the sky to kill things. Like many others, I hated how the original shout is considered an offensive attack, and how the lightning just went everywhere, so it would earn you a bounty and hits everyone, including friends. Unacceptable!

Here are the changes:
  • Originally, the storm hit everyone, friend, hostile, or neutral, and struck random spots. Now, the storm only targets NPCs when they are hostile to you.
  • Originally, only those who were near you when you first shouted can be targeted. Now, the storm uses a script that dynamically searches for valid targets.
  • Now, the storm itself is not considered a hostile attack. This means that you won't automatically get a bounty from shouting. Also, on the ~0.001% chance that neutral/friendly NPCs get hit (example: the bolt misses or they somehow walk into it), they won't automatically attack you, because they shouldn't blame you for being struck by lightning.

Note that this mod does not alter the damage, duration, or recovery time of the shout. This is because there are several popular mods out there that already do this, and as far as I'm aware, all of them are compatible with Storm Wrath Lightning. Just make sure to put my mod after them in the load order.

Please endorse if you like it! Feedback is greatly appreciated. Any questions, concerns, and ideas should go to the comments section.

Use Vortex/NMM, or your preferred mod manager, or manually copy StormWrathLightning.bsa and .esp to your Data folder.

For best measure, make sure you have a save file that is at least one in-game hour after the last storm ends. This probably isn't necessary, but Skyrim's scripting engine can be unpredictable sometimes. Use Vortex/NMM to uninstall, or you can manually delete the StormWrathLightning.bsa and .esp files. Uninstalling should not break your game.

- This mod's bsa file replaces the magicProjectileStormScript.pex and magicProjectileStormScript.psc files.
- This mod's esp file affects some parameters to the magicProjectileStormScript script, such as adjusting the time between successive lightning strikes and ensuring that the correct lightning spell is applied.
- This mod does not affect the duration, size, or damage values used by the Storm Call shout.
- SKSE is not required.