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05-07-2014: The B-Team follower compilation mod launches May 9th! B-team includes and will supersede my Anska, Heimskr, and Nazeem mods. An upgrade is not required but Anska, Heimskr, and Nazeem will be considered "finalized" as they are, and any further upgrades, changes and fixes to the NPCs will come through the B-team mod.

Most mods seek to mute or silence Heimskr, or find increasingly elaborate ways to kill him. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE MODS.

Heimskr has been revamped, as a fully armed and operational follower.

  • Preaches as you travel! He will spread the word of Talos everywhere you visit!
  • Unique battlecries!
  • New unique class!
  • Group healing!

  • Q) What makes this better than just using a mod like Everyone is an Adventurer to turn the vanilla NPC into a follower?
  • A) EIAA is a fine mod, to be sure, but that mod and like functionality in other mods just kicks Heimskr into the requisite factions for following and gives him the right relationshiprank. My mod goes a step further by preserving the essence of his sparkling personality as a follower, and adds a couple nifty bonuses on top of that.

  • Q) Do you take requests?
  • A) Maybe! That was how I got started on Nazeem. My vanilla follower picks are selected for a variety of reasons, mainly boiling down to how technically complex it would be to pluck them out of the game as a follower, and whether or not it makes sense for them to decide to go gallivanting about Skyrim with the Dragonborn. If you know an NPC you think would be a good candidate, drop me a line or post it as a comment!

  • Q) How do I get Heimskr to join me?? Oh God I need to know
  • A) Just ask Heimskr about Talos! He will agree to follow you after he has finished speaking with you.

  • Q) Heimskr already spawned, and has vanilla stats! He is not doing too good
  • A) Skyrim is really weird about this sort of thing; sometimes waiting 2 days elsewhere will spawn the mod's version. If all else fails, try selecting Heimskr in console and using 'recycleactor' on him. And if THAT doesn't work, use setlevel 1000 0 1 65535. He will probably retain his vanilla class but he will at least level with you.

  • Q) I sided with the milk-drinking Imperials in the Civil War and now Heimskr is in the hoosegow! How do I get him??
  • A) Break him out, I guess? You're thane of Whiterun, start acting like it! And report back here if you get any unexpected behavior from that so I can hopefully fix it fix it

  • Q) Heimskr doesn't follow me after he joins?? What is the deal with that
  • A) Heimskr is a deeply devoted man of faith! He isn't going to leave before finishing his day's preaching. Try catching him after 10 PM or before 5 AM.

  • Q) I was in a fight and Heimskr died! How come he isn't essential??
  • A) Essential status is for women and elves! Heimskr comes as protected by default - if he dies, it is because you were very clumsy at just the wrong moment. Watch your aim next time! And if you really must make him essential, there is a console command for that, and EFF for sure, but also possibly UFO and AFT, have functionality to turn him essential.

  • Primary Skills: Speech, Restoration
  • Secondary Skills: One-Handed, Heavy Armor, Conjuration
  • Tertiary Skill: Block

Healing Spell: Boon of Talos
50 Healing in a radius of 30, also grants 10% cooldown to shouts for five minutes.

This mod modifies relatively little in the way of vanilla resources for what it is; Heimskr's class, and the quest used to make him preach while following in the group were made especially for the mod. However, it does modify some vanilla Dialog Topics - mainly to redirect some from being exclusive to Belrand, who shares Heimskr's MaleNord voicetype, to being global to the MaleNord voicetype. I have done some testing with EFF and UFO, and it appears to work fine in spite of this. EFF users will want to use the menu commands, not the dialog commands, to make him wait and dismiss him, however.

As a final note, also make sure that HEIMSKR FOREVER.esp is loading *after* the plugins for EFF/UFO/AFT; it's possible he will still work but I can only guarantee he will work if his plugin is loading after those.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.